Director Joss Whedon is a Jerk on Twitter. Should We Care?

Twitter often lets us share more than we should about ourselves.

Or, in the case of Hollywood director Joss Whedon, it reveals private thoughts he’d be better off keeping private.

Whedon, who successfully brought Marvel’s “The Avengers” to the big screen, can’t quit Twitter despite threatening to do so every few weeks. And boy, should the Buffy the Vampire Slayer visionary stick to that promise—for his own sake, if not for his fans.

Few Hollywood types are as loathsome as Whedon is on social media. Sure, stars often let loose with unkind jokes, politically partisan slams and the like. Most of us who use Twitter have sent out a Tweet or two we later regret. Others just can’t let go of the ALL CAPS style, a crime in and of itself.

But that pales compared to what Whedon shares on a regular basis. Need proof? Here’s a sample of his toxic tweets, collected over the past few months:

  • He wished Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a Republican, to be [expletive] to death by a rhino.
  • He predicted President Donald Trump would round up and kill gay Americans
  • He mocked the appearance of cancer-stricken teens to strike a wobbly blow against Rep. Ryan and President Trump.
  • He compared Ivanka Trump to a breed of dog.
  • And, most recently, he weaponized Mother’s Day in a disgusting way to criticize the current administration:

“Today I gratefully give my mother the gift of having been dead for 25 years and not having to see what a tub of f***ery our country’s become.”

Warms the heart, no?

Any one of these tweets would normally spark a media tsunami. All it takes in our sensitive age is one nasty tweet to send sanctimonious reporters scurrying for their laptops. Most stars are forced to apologize if they utter something that doesn’t perfectly align with progressive groupthink.

Remember when Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt apologized for telling Instagram followers to “crank up the volume” on his social media message? Why? Some people though the comment alienated the hard of hearing community. Pratt instantly performed a full grovel as a result.

That’s an air kiss compared to what Whedon shared in any of the above Tweets. Put those Whedon tweets together and you have a devastating portrait of an unhinged star, and yet the media has failed time and again to question Whedon about his statements. There are no reporters scrambling to find Whedon’s press representatives for further comment or reaction. No think pieces on how Hollywood has sunk to new lows in the Age of Trump.

Instead, most media outlets have either ignored the aforementioned hate or played it down, even though The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets rushed to cover the story when Whedon temporarily quit Twitter two years ago.

Even Whedon, on some level, must realize how awful he sounds on social media. At one point shortly after President Trump’s election he send out a note saying he was “broken.” Weeks later he sent out this follow-up tweet to the one he had posted about the cancer victims (and which he only grudgingly took down):

“So I tweeted something that inadvertently offended everyone except the people I was trying to offend. I’m sorry. I’ll be quiet for a bit.”

He can’t even apologize properly. And his “quiet” time was short-lived.

These Twitter rants wouldn’t matter so much if Whedon was a B-list celebrity trying to land himself a spot on Dancing with the Stars. But Whedon isn’t on the lower rungs of the show business ladder. His Avengers films alone have brought in more than $1 billion from domestic box office sales. He’s beloved in geek circles, and for good reason. He created the one-season cult hit Firefly. For that alone he holds a special place in the collective Comic Con heart. Most recently, his name has been attached to a Batgirl feature.

Few modern directors are household names. Spielberg. Shyamalan. Nolan. Whedon is on that list. Yet not only does his Twitter account reveal his nastiest impulses, the mainstream press is unwilling to hold him accountable for them, even while it constantly pillories figures on the right for similar sins.

But Whedon should reconsider his scorched-earth policy on Twitter. He’s not just tweeting to fellow members of the liberal Hollywood bubble. His fans read his tweets too; and some of us will think twice before lining up to see his next movie because of them.



3 responses to “Director Joss Whedon is a Jerk on Twitter. Should We Care?

  1. I am probably one of the biggest fans of Firefly and the Avengers. I also like Dollhouse a lot. Toy Story is great and Joss Whedon was a writer on that. You’d think with a writer like him his tweets would at least be better than the best lines of Twilight. Alas, his tweets are so horrible I as a fan of his creations don’t follow him and cringe when I do happen to see one of his tweets.

    1. I personally, think they are bloody fabulous and hilarious and usually pretty spot on. Its the things we want to say but don’t that are the most honest. He just says them anyway!

  2. It’s the revenge of the nerds. If someone does something that’s wrong, its usually considered the right thing to do to stand up and do something about it, like let them know what they did was wrong, or report it to the authorities. Nowadays, people only complain if they simply don’t like you. More than that, a majority of people who complain are the ones who aren’t man (strong or brave) enough to tell the person to their face what they did. They’re weak and only have courage in numbers. They’ve gotten comfortable with complaining (telling on people like a little b***) because these are the same scrubs who were probably oppressed and bullied growing up.

    Now that they are grown up, they love this PC society where a simple complaint can lead to a prostrating apology or even a firing. But Joss Whedon is their lord and commander. They love this guy. I read that he didn’t like the “Punisher” because the Punisher kills, but Whedon can joke about a very real person getting f****** to death by a rhino. And the nerds love it. They’re blind to their own hypocrisy, and i’m not sure if you’ve noticed, they’re extremely timid and scared of being around anyone who’s different. Like if you simply say hi to these people, they bow their heads and scurry off. Probably to go blog about how they didn’t leave their houses to be greeted like a normal adult.

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