To All the Nice Sorority Girls Out There

You’ve probably heard about the profane letter that a Delta Gamma sorority girl from the University of Maryland wrote to her chapter, chastising her fellow sisters for not meeting her social expectations of them, to put the matter mildly. The letter by sister Rebecca Martinson has now gone viral thanks to a hilarious reading of the letter … Continued

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Acculturated on Pinterest

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What Really Happens When Women Earn More

“Men Still Don’t Like It When Their Wives Out-Earn Them,” “When Women Dare to Out-Earn Men,” “Successful Wives Still Make Men Uncomfortable,” “Our Gender Roles Still Stuck in the 50s.” These headlines, blaring from Slate, The Economist, The Huffington Post, and The Miami Herald, respectively, all refer to a recent study that analyzes marriage trends … Continued


Creating Art in the Age of the iPad

People my age, anywhere from eighteen to twenty-eight, pride themselves on the fact that they can hold multiple conversations at once—they can engage friends at the dinner table while simultaneously answering an e-mail from their boss, liking their second cousin’s Facebook status, and sexting their temporary “hook-up buddy.” We can communicate a lot of useless … Continued


So Your Daughter Wants to Dress Like a Hooker. What Do You Do?

Editor’s note: This week, we’re rerunning some of our favorite posts of 2012. This post originally ran on October 30.   It’s Halloween. You’re a parent. Your young daughter wants to dress like a slut. What do you do? Eleanor Barkhorn over at The Atlantic has a great piece about discouraging sexy Halloween costumes among young girls: A female … Continued

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Why 2012 Was the Year of The Hunger Games

Though it came in third on the year’s earnings chart (behind The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises), for sheer cultural force the biggest film story of 2012 had to be The Hunger Games. Just a few of the records it racked up after its March 22 release: —Third highest opening weekend ever. —Highest debut … Continued


Delta’s Treatment of Wounded Veterans Should Be First Class

Last week I wrote about how the stigma against veterans with invisible injuries is exacerbated by Hollywood portrayals. But what about clearly visible injuries and how they’re treated by large companies? Aboard a Delta flight, Marine Lance Cpl. Christian Brown, a veteran who had been going through physical therapy at Walter Reed for his new prosthetic … Continued


That Nonexistent Time When Everyone Read More Books

Julia Ingalls, writing in Salon, laments that the way we consume literature is changing, forcing us to turn to more instantly gratifying, “repackaged” literature. While she eventually praises the works that come of this new cultural shift, she writes that “[t]he reality of the 21st century is that unaccounted-for blocks of time just don’t exist … Continued