Ben Sasse is Right about the Life Lessons of Sports

Parents invest hours of their time in youth sports. We chauffer kids to practice, we sit in the stands, we coach from the dugout or the sidelines, and we cheer and encourage our young athletes as they play their sport. We support our kids playing the games they love because we know there is something … Continued

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Why March Madness is the Cure for Our Culture’s Ills

When you grow up in a cold-weather city like Chicago, March is a big deal. You jokers who were raised in places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Miami will never be able to fully appreciate what Spring means to those of us who have just endured months of frigid temperatures, snow pants and seasonal depression … Continued

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Baseball Is Largely Free of Politics. Let’s Keep It That Way

Baseball spring training is upon us. The regular season starts on April 2nd and fans are happily blasting John Fogerty’s song, “Centerfield.” Baseball is not referred to as our “national pastime” for nothing. It is a sport that rises above all others because it has moments that stand alone. Of the four major sports—baseball, football, … Continued

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Women’s Basketball Has a Dirty Little Secret: Bullying

There are certain narratives about discrimination and prejudice in our culture that do not lend themselves to any form of deviation. Rich people mistreat poor people. White people aren’t comfortable with “people of color” moving into their neighborhoods. Straight kids bully the gay kids. These formulas become easily recognizable to those who regularly follow the … Continued

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Roger Federer is a Professional Athlete Your Kids Can Look Up To

Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal, his long-time rival, in the Australian Open final last weekend, making it his eighteenth Grand Slam title and his first Grand Slam win since Wimbledon in 2012, despite the fact that hard court tennis isn’t even his specialty; he’s the king of grass courts. Even more remarkable? He is thirty-five … Continued

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Stop Bothering Tom Brady about Donald Trump

As a Baltimore Ravens fan, I am legally required to hate Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Yet at the risk of being excommunicated from Ravens Nation, I must admit that I’ve always had a soft spot for Brady, who is by all accounts a devoted father, a terrific teammate, and a loyal friend. … Continued

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For the Williams Sisters, Sibling Rivalry Yields to Sisterly Love

For tennis fans, this past weekend’s Australian Open finals offered two dream matchups: throwback pairings between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the men’s final, and between Venus and Serena Williams in the women’s final. It was the women’s match that really captured my attention. I can’t say that I’ve ever been a hard-core tennis … Continued

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Facebook Live Claims Another Victim: Steelers’ Coach Mike Tomlin

Bill Belichick is professional football’s version of Grumpy Cat: a seemingly dour and prickly coach who was pronounced “hard to love” in a recent New York Times article about his team, the New England Patriots, which heads to the Super Bowl in two weeks. It’s a reputation that Belichick has seemed unable—or unwilling—to shake, despite … Continued

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