My Guilty Pleasure: Love Actually

  In his “Mr. Universe” routine, comedian Jim Gaffigan confesses that his biggest guilty pleasure is McDonalds—specifically, McDonalds fries, Big Macs, and milkshakes. Gaffigan’s McDonalds sketch is nine minutes of solid hilarity, but halfway in Gaffigan actually makes a profound observation about the nature of guilty pleasures. I’m tired of people acting like they’re better … Continued

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My Guilty Pleasure: Rihanna

—– by Mary Rose Somarriba My guilty pleasure may deserve a capital G; it is the music of pop star Rihanna. Drama and dangerous habits be damned; her voice sounds raw and real–a far cry from the dime-a-dozen fluff of Katy Perry. Sure, maybe Perry has experienced hardships in her life, but I don’t hear … Continued

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My Guilty Pleasure: The Real Housewives

—– by Megan Basham You have to wonder—does your guilty pleasure really warrant much guilt when everyone from network news anchor/30 Rock straight man Brian Williams to dissident feminist Camille Paglia admits to indulging in it? Even First Lady Michelle Obama confessed on Live with Kelly and Michael (another guilty pleasure) that her favorite reality … Continued

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