The Left is Now Attacking Trump’s Unborn Grandchildren

A thought experiment that doesn’t even have to be a thought experiment: What would the press and public response be to an open attack on one of the Obama daughters or Clinton grandchildren look like? Thanks to the media feeding frenzy over the former and a total lack of any public figure ever taking aim … Continued


What Fake Hate Crimes Reveal About the Left’s Bubble

After fumbling around in court for nearly three months, Michigan resident Halley Bass admitted recently to faking a hate crime against herself in November, following Donald Trump’s surprise presidential victory. Bass claimed that a middle-aged white man had attacked her with a safety pin in an alleyway near a downtown Ann Arbor movie theater. Since … Continued


Please Stop Trying to Make Chelsea Clinton Happen

Here we go again. If you thought Hillary Clinton’s loss in the presidential election was the end of our Clinton era, think again. Chelsea Clinton announced last week she was authoring a book called She Persisted, about 13 women in American history who, well, persisted. The phrase is newly trendy among liberals because it is … Continued


Love ‘The Americans’, But Resist Cold War Nostalgia

Not long after the Cold War ended, many Americans became nostalgic for it. In a November 1999 speech at Tufts University, for example, then–Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley declared: “Until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, we were sure about one thing: We knew where we stood on foreign policy.” At the time, … Continued

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Stop Trolling Politicians at Town Hall Meetings

Most Americans, particularly those in suburban and metropolitan areas, may not know where their town hall is, or even if their town has one. But lately everyone, it seems, is ready to attend a town hall meeting. Town hall meeting is the it phrase of 2017. In some cases, thousands of people beyond capacity are … Continued


How Trump Became Public Radio’s Favorite Fundraising Tool

“Don’t let them destroy us!” That was the plea from Brian Lehrer, a morning host on New York’s public radio station, WNYC, last week. It was pledge drive week and the rhetoric on air always gets a little dramatic. It was ramped up this time because the station wanted to raise the same amount of … Continued


Why Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary is Trolling Trump

Once upon a time, the dictionary was a dusty old tome that sat on a shelf and served one simple purpose: to define words. It was a noble book, neutral by nature, uncontroversial, and therefore trusted and respected by everyone. But all of that is changing. Thanks to Twitter and Trump, America’s dictionary, Merriam-Webster, has … Continued


The Alt-Right’s Implacable Ego

When alt-right leader Richard Spencer was thrown out of the Conservative Political Action Convention last Thursday, I tracked him down on his favorite place, the internet, to get his reaction. I was attracted to Spencer not because of the media storm over the alt-right’s blatant racism or their affinity to identity politics, which propose that … Continued