The Challenges of Being a Role Model

I had one of those parenting win/fail moments recently. I got up early to do my morning DVD workout in our basement. My eight-year-old son stumbled downstairs after his obligatory cereal fix and settled down on the couch to watch me go through my paces. Good, I thought between sets. He’s getting a lesson in … Continued


Can’t Sleep? Blame the Patriarchy

It’s been nearly two weeks since we changed the clocks in our household for Daylight Saving Time and we are still not over it. No one wants to go to bed on time. No one wants to get up in the dark. Hey Congress, the kids want their hour back! It is times like this … Continued


Ben Sasse is Right about the Life Lessons of Sports

Parents invest hours of their time in youth sports. We chauffer kids to practice, we sit in the stands, we coach from the dugout or the sidelines, and we cheer and encourage our young athletes as they play their sport. We support our kids playing the games they love because we know there is something … Continued

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Let the Kids Eat Cake

My parents always took the teacher’s side. I grew up attending public schools in the Chicagoland area and I can count on two fingers the number of times (out of hundreds of opportunities) that my Mom and Dad thought a teacher had gone too far.  Today, by contrast, teachers routinely face obnoxious, know-it-all parents who … Continued


The Problem(s) With ‘Live Chilling’

The 2013 Spike Jonze film Her depicted a not-too-distant future, in which disillusioned, depressed humans learn to love again by avoiding potentially difficult interpersonal dynamics, and instead, getting intimate with the artificial intelligence platform that powered their smartphones. Less than four years later, the future is now. American teens are quickly replacing face time with … Continued


Media Perplexed: Four Children are “Work”

You don’t have to be a fan of Kellyanne Conway to be angry at how the headlines treated her last week. All you have to be is a parent blessed with a large family. In the latest public skewering of an advisor to the president, Conway was roundly mocked for the reason she gave when … Continued

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Why Aren’t Schools Letting Kids Outside for Recess?

A mom in New York tells me she’s in a fight with her kid’s preschool. You might think she’s unhappy with the zero-tolerance policy for Kombucha? Too much enrichment? Not enough? In fact, it’s none of the above. Her fight is over the children playing outside. The mother wants her kid to be outside more … Continued


Why We Should Stop Drugging Our Kids

Maybe it’s time to stop drugging our children. A new study from the Medical Journal of Australia has found that the youngest kids in any given class are twice as likely to be receiving medication for behavioral disorders as the older kids in the class. And the proportion of boys receiving such medication was three … Continued


Raising Honest Kids in a Post-Truth World

All kids have a sometimes-fluid relationship with the truth. I have often wished that I had the skills of an FBI profiler, especially when faced with the smiling cherubs in front of me who certainly look like they have been up to something, even as they insist they have not. Kids can lie like an … Continued