Feminism’s Problems are Bigger Than One Bad Teacher

In the popular ‘80s movie The Goonies, the character Chunk is taken prisoner by the bank-robbing Fratelli gang, who are on the lam and hiding in an abandoned seaside restaurant. When Francis Fratelli (brilliantly played by Joe Pantoliano), the more sociopathic of the two Fratelli brothers, holds Chunk’s hand over a running blender’s blades and says, … Continued


Should Men Cry?

Even though Moonlight actor Mahershala Ali didn’t cry at this year’s Academy Awards like he did when accepting his Screen Actors Guild award for Best Supporting Actor, his unabashed emotionalism is a welcome sign. To see a muscular, handsome, tough (and famous) man crying before millions is an important step in the liberation of male … Continued

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Death to Self-Service Kiosks!

Waiting in line at the airport was already an unpleasant enough experience, but now airlines want us to do their work for them. Rather than simply hand over our bags and have our tickets handed to us, passengers now must enter all our information on a computer kiosk ourselves. I encountered those stupid machines most … Continued

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What “A Day Without a Woman” Reveals About Childcare in the U.S.

“Domestic work makes all other work possible.” This statement from the United Nations’ “Progress of the World’s Women” released last year has a lot of truth to it. If there’s no one to watch the children—whether it’s a parent or another caregiver—no one can go out into the world and be productive. But if we … Continued


The Surprising Lessons My Family Learned from Raising Chickens

The circle of life seemed a heck of a lot easier in The Lion King. Cleaner, too. A few years ago, our family decided we didn’t have enough pets. So we “adopted” some chickens. “Think of the eggs!” my wife reasoned. Well, the egg production has been spotty, at best. What’s been far more instructive … Continued


Baseball Is Largely Free of Politics. Let’s Keep It That Way

Baseball spring training is upon us. The regular season starts on April 2nd and fans are happily blasting John Fogerty’s song, “Centerfield.” Baseball is not referred to as our “national pastime” for nothing. It is a sport that rises above all others because it has moments that stand alone. Of the four major sports—baseball, football, … Continued

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