How the Melting Pot Became “Cultural Appropriation”

When our parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents voluntarily immigrated to the United States, they brought with them not only a desire to embrace a new homeland, but also a desire to become culturally “American.” This didn’t mean rejecting their cultural identity; it meant making room in it for new influences, which is why they often identified … Continued


How One Woman Planned Her Wedding in Only Five Days

Could you plan a wedding in five days? My guess is that most people would answer that question with a laugh. But my friend and former colleague did exactly that with both class and gusto. When I first saw The New York Times article, “I Planned My Wedding in Five Days. You Could, Too” float … Continued


Scientology’s Hollywood Problem

How do we solve a problem like Scientology? Its founder, the late L. Ron Hubbard (who, according to Scientologists, isn’t dead but rather resides in a different context that’s too complex for us non-Scientologists to fathom) used his Hollywood know-how and derring-do to make the cult a worldwide powerhouse complete with a bevy of eager … Continued


Nike’s Problematic Relationship with the Hijab

Major sportswear manufacturer, Nike, recently revealed an athletic headscarf for Muslim women. The product is termed the “Pro hijab” and is made of lightweight cloth with tiny holes that help the athletes’ skin breathe while keeping the skin covered. In producing such a product, Nike is the first large-scale sportswear company to venture into the … Continued

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Why is ‘Sesame Street’s’ New Muppet with Autism a Girl?

Welcome Julia! Julia is Sesame Street’s new autistic character, and she will be making her debut in April, which is Autism Awareness Month, to seemingly universal approval from both parents and experts. Scott Badesch, president and CEO of the Autism Society of America, says that “they got it right.” Badesch, whose son has autism, was … Continued

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‘Vogue’ Tries to Make Shabbat Stylish

Of all the media outlets that might embrace Shabbat—the 25-hours between sundown Friday night and sundown Saturday night that traditionally-observant Jews mark as a separate period of time from the rest of the week—Vogue might not be at the top of anyone’s list. As surprising as it may seem to have a fashion bible endorse … Continued


Looking for Misogyny in the All the Wrong Places

The Guardian’s Jessica Valenti—author of several books including Sex Object and Full Frontal Feminism—recently tweeted her latest complaint: My favorite, though, is when men will only direct questions & conversation at my husband (this happens w/’progressive’ guys too) — Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) March 17, 2017 It’s nice that she notes that it’s not only knuckle-dragging … Continued


The Challenges of Dating While Conservative

In 2017, dating can feel like navigating a wasteland, especially for the conservative. Single conservatives are often asked, “Would you be willing to date a liberal?” For most of the conservatives I know, that’s a difficult question. It’s certainly easier to be with someone whose values align with our own, but we would be open … Continued


Why March Madness is the Cure for Our Culture’s Ills

When you grow up in a cold-weather city like Chicago, March is a big deal. You jokers who were raised in places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Miami will never be able to fully appreciate what Spring means to those of us who have just endured months of frigid temperatures, snow pants and seasonal depression … Continued

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