Should Men Cry?

Even though Moonlight actor Mahershala Ali didn’t cry at this year’s Academy Awards like he did when accepting his Screen Actors Guild award for Best Supporting Actor, his unabashed emotionalism is a welcome sign. To see a muscular, handsome, tough (and famous) man crying before millions is an important step in the liberation of male … Continued

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Emma Watson Reveals Her Breasts – and the Problem with Feminism

Emma Watson is confused. Specifically, she’s confused as to why people are confused by her. She recently bared her breasts for Vanity Fair magazine, promptly sparking a firestorm of debate and heated accusations of hypocrisy. And poor Watson just doesn’t get it. As she said, “I’m confused . . . just kind of quietly stunned.” … Continued


George Clooney Versus the World

It all started with the hilarious and hugely non-PC movie, Team America: World Police, where the ever-snarky creators of South Park featured a marionette of popular actor George Clooney whining about world politics as a representative of the Film Actor’s Guild. Or maybe it started with Clooney in his often-sanctimonious breakout role as Dr. Ross … Continued


Neil deGrasse Tyson Tries to Kill the Tooth Fairy

It’s typical nowadays for people to take things way too seriously. That’s precisely what normally charming astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson did when he claimed that parents who promote traditional childhood fairytales, like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, are participating in a “hoax perpetuated by adults on children.” Sheesh. Take it down a couple light … Continued


Why the Best Oscar Speeches are About Gratitude, Not Politics

We are at peak Award Show hype right now, with the Oscars airing live this Sunday night. Every year, we dissect acceptance speeches to assess the good, the bad, and the ugly—whether the content is political or simply a little cringe-worthy. Why do we bother? Recent changes to the speech format at awards shows aim … Continued


Beyoncé-Worship Shows How Political Correctness Ruins Pop Culture

With the Academy Awards looming this weekend, it’s a good time to ask why the public even cares about awards shows anymore. Consider the ridiculous “controversy” that erupted at the recent 59th Grammy Awards when Beyoncé didn’t win each and every Grammy at the 59th Grammy Awards on February 12th. How could Dear Leader B, … Continued


Stop Ashton Kutcher Before He Testifies Again!

Would you go to a real estate agent for medical advice or to a doctor to sell your home? Why is it, then, that politicians on Capitol Hill continue to turn to Hollywood celebrities to testify about topics outside of their expertise as filmmakers and stars? The list of celebrities who have appeared in front … Continued


Beyoncé: Stop Showing the World Your Half-Naked Pregnant Self

To get naked in front of others while pregnant, or not to, that is the question. Actually, that should never ever be the question for any pregnant woman. (Or any woman at all, for that matter.) But apparently, that is the latest question to confront the starlets of Hollywood. See, for example, the recent travails … Continued


What David Beckham Could Learn from Tim Tebow About Humility

Sports reveal character, it’s often said, but sometimes an athlete’s off-the-field actions can be even more revealing—and not always for the better. Last weekend, the Tim Tebow Foundation put on its annual Night to Shine prom experience for a whopping 75,000 people at 350 churches in fifty states and eleven countries. The event is for … Continued