What the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Can Teach Us About Anti-Heroes

It’s not that I dislike the modern infatuation with the anti-hero. It’s that I think we’ve lost our way in search of meaning. A writer-friend of mine says we, as a culture, have succumbed to a diminished patience with cliché. Because film and television, and even sports, constantly inundate us with the “hero story,” we … Continued


Why We Need a Return to Real Life

It’s time to return to real life. I think we all feel it. Perhaps few acknowledge it because of the consequence implied by the action: get off Facebook, put down the smartphone, and get face-to-face with someone. You can’t curate your existence as you stand in front of someone. “We have become so accustomed to … Continued

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Marriage Isn’t ‘Love Actually’. It’s ‘Braveheart’

Marriage is beautiful. And hard. My wife and I just celebrated our fifteen-year anniversary. We splurged and bought a king-size bed, a purchase I highly recommend. Some friends joked early on in our marriage that if we could make it to year seven, the odds were in our favor for staying together. It seemed a … Continued


Yes, Binge Watching Makes You Stupid

Binge is the new black. That’s what Netflix, and other media outlets tell us as they rev up for the holiday season. Are your in-laws too much? Kids driving you nuts? Had enough holiday cooking, cleaning, and entertaining? Well, take a break from real life and the stresses of the holidays and focus on something … Continued

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Hollywood’s Outrageous Embrace of Euthanasia

Last week, while our heads were exploding over the presidential election, Colorado became the seventh state (California, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, D.C., Colorado) to adopt a law allowing physician assisted suicide. The “dignity in death” movement slithers along unchecked. For years we’ve also been consuming the movement’s narrative in popular culture, such as through movies … Continued

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The Challenges of Friendship in an Overheated Election Season

Gone are the days of friendly political disagreements. Now we simply fear and loath each other. The Pew Research Center says today’s political culture is “more negative than at any point in nearly a quarter century.” Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have taken us to new lows. When asked to rate the candidates on a … Continued


Stop Parenting from the Couch

“Daddy, when can I get an iPhone?” asked my nine-year-old daughter. “What makes you ask?” I replied, surprised. She told me her ten-year-old friend at the YMCA has her own iPhone and tablet and “she can play Minecraft whenever she wants.” This was big news to me since we’ve recently limited tablet time to the … Continued


Trump is the Logical Conclusion of Our Pornified Culture

What could be duller sounding than the word temperance? So out-of-date. So repressive. So passionless. And exactly the word our country needs. If the political race has done anything good—and that is hard to imagine—it has held up a mirror to our culture and revealed our soulless skeleton. After Donald Trump’s “hot-mic” incident both parties … Continued


What Jason Bourne Could Learn from C.S. Lewis

Last week my wife and I enjoyed a mid-week date night. “Jason Bourne is still in theaters. I’d love to see that,” she said. So we did. The final shaky-camera-car-chase nearly made her throw up. And I had to close my eyes as Jason, again, brutally beat then strangled his nemesis. No music, just gasps. … Continued

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