Why the Best Oscar Speeches are About Gratitude, Not Politics

We are at peak Award Show hype right now, with the Oscars airing live this Sunday night. Every year, we dissect acceptance speeches to assess the good, the bad, and the ugly—whether the content is political or simply a little cringe-worthy. Why do we bother? Recent changes to the speech format at awards shows aim … Continued


Why Thomas Hardy, Not Jane Austen, Is a Better Guide to Love

Valentine’s Day is here, and with it, the usual slew of literary and pop culture reminders of what love does to us. Pick your poison—Jane Austen, Nicholas Sparks, the Brontes, Old Hollywood, 90s rom coms, BBC bodice rippers—we are saturated by reminders that a rewarding life includes a worthy, rewarding and, above all, romantic relationship. … Continued

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Former Obama Official Shows How Politics Trumped Faith

This weekend, as President Obama makes way for Donald Trump, and media outlets ponder Obama’s legacy, one of the first memoirs from a former Obama administration official hits bookshelves. Michael Wear’s Reclaiming Hope: Lessons learned in the Obama White House about the Future of Faith in America, highlights Wear’s faith-based campaigns and outreach via the … Continued