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Emma Thompson and Celebrity Activism Done Right

Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson led a protest march on Saturday, November 25. If you are anything like me, you just rolled your eyes. What was it about? The habitat of the banana slug? Equal pay for rich actresses? Kindergarten sex-ed? To my surprise, she and her fellow protesters were demanding something very respectable: the freedom … Continued


George Clooney’s ‘Catch-22’

George Clooney has just agreed to star in and direct a miniseries based on Joseph Heller’s classic novel, Catch-22. Clooney claims that the book is his favorite novel, but we’ll see how much he respects the story’s original themes. Critics and lit professors often refer to Catch-22 as a “satirical anti-war novel,” which makes some … Continued


The Disneyfication of Everything

This year is the twentieth anniversary of the debut of Disney’s Broadway musical, The Lion King. The show is significant for its use of puppetry, movement, and beautiful costumes designed by visionary director Julie Taymor. To celebrate the occasion on November 5, the show’s composer, Elton John, treated the audience to a curtain-call performance. That … Continued


What Leonardo da Vinci Can Teach Us About Curiosity

Leonardo da Vinci is hot right now. CBS News recently did a special report on him. Another Leonardo (DiCaprio) is planning to produce a bio pic about him. And Walter Isaacson (biographer of Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein) just published an epic new biography, Leonardo da Vinci, which creates a portrait of the … Continued


Martin Luther: Father of our Free and Fractured World

This Halloween is the 500th birthday of the modern world. On October 31, 1517, a scholarly monk named Martin Luther posted 95 theses on the church door in Wittenberg, a town in modern-day Germany. He hoped that the large theological community in the city would be interested in debating the Catholic Church’s practice of selling … Continued


Should You Be Fired for the Stupid Stuff You Say on Facebook?

Bullets rained down on a country music concert in Las Vegas this weekend, murdering 59 people and wounding over 500 more. Before the cops had counted all the corpses, Hayley Geftman-Gold, senior corporate attorney for CBS, wrote on her personal Facebook page that she was “actually not even sympathetic” to the victims of the Las … Continued


What do the NFL Protesters Really Want?

Before the 2016 football season even started, Colin Kaepernick had been demoted. He had once been a star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. But after suffering injuries to his shoulder, hand, and knee, his performance was declining, so the 49ers benched him. As he nursed his wounded pride on the sidelines before a preseason … Continued


The Emmys are a Symptom of a Dying Common Culture

Donald Trump was the star of Sunday Night’s Emmy Awards. The Apprentice wasn’t nominated for anything this year and he wasn’t physically at the theater, but the people who were there couldn’t stop protesting him, poking fun at him, even singing about him. Alec Baldwin won an award for portraying him on Saturday Night Live—and … Continued


White Mermaids and Asian Cyborgs

A few weeks ago, Deadpool star Ed Skrein announced that he had accepted the role of Ben Daimio in the upcoming Hellboy movie. Comments flooded into Skrein’s Twitter account, condemning him for accepting the role because he is white…and the comic book character he was slated to play is Japanese-American. Hollywood activists call the practice … Continued