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What ‘DETROIT’ Gets Wrong About Detroit

Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow has made two of the better films of the past decade. Both The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty were commercial and critical successes. Both dealt with complex topics—modern war and terrorism—and both handled their complicated subject matters in nuanced ways. Unfortunately, Bigelow’s latest effort, DETROIT, falls short of the high … Continued


How ‘Game of Thrones’ Borrows from the Old Testament

The penultimate season of Game of Thrones has descended upon American households (and iPads) with the fervor and fury of a Dothraki horde. Few television series in recent memory have so captured the imagination of viewers quite like GoT has been able to do in its six-plus seasons on air. The show’s unique mixture of … Continued


The Ten Best World War II Films of All-Time

Last month we celebrated the seventy-third anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Whether we ever stop to reflect upon it or not, the Second World War remains the one of the most important, influential global events in modern history. From geo-political tensions in Europe still playing themselves out in today’s headlines, to the fact that English … Continued


Alec Baldwin is ‘Blind’. Why is the Left Complaining?

Few entertainers have been more outspoken about their left-of-center politics than Alec Baldwin. Baldwin is currently (and literally) the face of anti-Trump sentiment in popular culture. The undeniably talented, decidedly progressive actor portrays Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live’s weekly efforts to lampoon and malign the President of the United States. Baldwin is a liberal’s … Continued


Keyshawn Johnson: Father of the Year?

For sports fans of a certain age, the name “Keyshawn Johnson” is not one closely associated with terms like “humility” and “wise counsel.” Drafted as the overall #1 pick in 1996 by the New York Jets, for more than a decade the hot-shot wide receiver from the University of Southern California made headlines and football … Continued


Why the Unlikely Duo of Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager are Making a Movie

When I was young, I began listening to two distinct voices on my radio (and eventually on my iPhone): One was a foul-mouthed, non-religious carpenter-turned-comedian from North Hollywood, CA, named Adam Carolla, who hosted programs like Love Line and The Man Show. The other was a Yeshiva-trained, Ivy League-educated, Jewish intellectual from Brooklyn, NY, named … Continued


Instead of Playing Powerball, Try Practicing Thrift

Someone in Los Angeles County had what promises to be a very good week: “One ticket sold in California matched all the winning numbers drawn on Saturday for the Powerball jackpot that soared to an estimated $448.7 million on a surge of last-minute buying, lottery officials said.” If the person holding this ticket wants a … Continued