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We’ve Reached Peak Snowflake: College Kids Are Complaining about Chick-fil-A Violating Their ‘Safe Spaces’

We have officially run out of problems, America. From FoxNews.com: A gay student group at Duquesne University fears that a proposed Chick-fil-A outpost could jeopardize the school’s safe spaces. “Chick-fil-A has a questionable history on civil rights and human rights,” Lambda executive board members Niko Martini told The Duke (the university’s student newspaper). Is Che Guevara … Continued


Why Subaru Thinks Puppies are the Same as Babies

Despite its perception as being the “progressive” car company alternative, Subaru’s latest television and online ads for its 2017 Impreza suggest the company has officially joined the ranks of businesses that are shamelessly willing to manipulate consumers by deploying puppies and babies in their advertisements:   While the ad might seem harmless at first glance, … Continued


Why March Madness is the Cure for Our Culture’s Ills

When you grow up in a cold-weather city like Chicago, March is a big deal. You jokers who were raised in places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Miami will never be able to fully appreciate what Spring means to those of us who have just endured months of frigid temperatures, snow pants and seasonal depression … Continued

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Let the Kids Eat Cake

My parents always took the teacher’s side. I grew up attending public schools in the Chicagoland area and I can count on two fingers the number of times (out of hundreds of opportunities) that my Mom and Dad thought a teacher had gone too far.  Today, by contrast, teachers routinely face obnoxious, know-it-all parents who … Continued


The Problem(s) With ‘Live Chilling’

The 2013 Spike Jonze film Her depicted a not-too-distant future, in which disillusioned, depressed humans learn to love again by avoiding potentially difficult interpersonal dynamics, and instead, getting intimate with the artificial intelligence platform that powered their smartphones. Less than four years later, the future is now. American teens are quickly replacing face time with … Continued


Women’s Basketball Has a Dirty Little Secret: Bullying

There are certain narratives about discrimination and prejudice in our culture that do not lend themselves to any form of deviation. Rich people mistreat poor people. White people aren’t comfortable with “people of color” moving into their neighborhoods. Straight kids bully the gay kids. These formulas become easily recognizable to those who regularly follow the … Continued

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Should You Watch ‘The Young Pope’? Nope

The great Catholic writer Gilbert Keith Chesterton once said, “It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.” I wonder what Old Chesterton would think of the latest effort from HBO, The Young Pope, a show that, judging by its first few episodes, is neither funny nor a test of … Continued

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