‘Master of None’ and the Virtuous Millennial

The millennial role model is here. It’s not a brash comedienne or an idealistic politician—it’s a short Indian dude. In the second season of Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series, Master of None, the show focuses on a millennial protagonist trying to do the right thing, a welcome change from the cynical ethos of many shows on … Continued


Bill Nye, the Ideological Science Guy

You may remember Bill Nye from Bill Nye the Science Guy, the beloved 90s kid’s science show. But Nye’s new Netflix show, modestly titled Bill Nye Saves the World, targets adults—and ruins his legacy in the process. Saves the World tackles contemporary issues like GMOs, artificial intelligence, and homeopathy. Nye tries to explain with his … Continued


My Fellow Millennials: Move Away for College

Fifty-eight percent of millennials stay close to home for college. They’re missing out. Moving away from home to go to school is an important part of growing up. It teaches independence and responsibility in a somewhat structured environment. For a generation that needs “Adulting School,” striking out on one’s own could be just what the … Continued


Why We Need a Trump Sabbath

If you’ve been on Twitter or at a dinner party over the last year, you’ve noticed a pattern. Inevitably, the conversation comes back to a certain topic: Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump’s political rise has dominated our national attention since he announced his run for president. His comments about women, Mexicans, and his political opponents … Continued