Does Hollywood Hate Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner, and its critics are out again. No, they’re not making coffee cups red or forcing your children to say “Happy Holidays.” But they are coopting the traditions of Christmas in an effort to undermine the family. Two recent movies—Daddy’s Home 2 and A Bad Moms Christmas—both make the holiday seem … Continued


What Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill can Teach us About ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Men have started taking classes to unlearn “toxic masculinity.” But nothing about true masculinity is “toxic”—in fact, it’s something that should be promoted, not stifled. According to its liberal critics, toxic masculinity can consist of wearing long beards, choosing a male doctor, or having large muscles. They say that society pressures men into certain behaviors, … Continued


What ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Tells Us About the Future of Sex

Blade Runner 2049 warns us of a future of artificial humans and artificial sex—but that reality has already begun. The movie premiered last weekend to great critical acclaim. And although many of the reviews focused on its vision of a dystopian future, it also offers a bleak commentary on the state of relationships and sex … Continued


What Harvey Weinstein Reveals About Hollywood Values

Harvey Weinstein is the latest powerful Hollywood executive to be accused of repeated sexual harassment. These aren’t just examples of dirty old men, however—these abuses have been covered up for decades, thanks to Hollywood’s toxic culture of fame, power, and sex. It’s a tale as old as Hollywood itself. A powerful producer calls a young … Continued


What ‘It’ Can Teach Helicopter Parents About Kids and Resilience

If you’ve seen the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s It, you may have acquired a new fear of clowns. But the movie offers more than thrills and chills—it also inadvertently offers some useful lessons on parenting. The movie, set in 1988, features a group of preteens who find themselves terrorized by a supernatural being … Continued


Iceland Needs the Lesson of ‘Atypical’

Netflix’s new show, Atypical, about the challenges of living as an autistic teenager, shows that disabled lives matter. People who live in Iceland might want to watch it—as an August CBS report about the country noted, Iceland has nearly killed off its Down Syndrome population through abortion. Here’s what Icelanders could learn from Atypical: people … Continued


Are Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro Redeeming Conservative Punditry?

Joe Rogan interviewed Ben Shapiro on his podcast last week, and it represented a new and encouraging wave of conservative punditry. Young conservatives are beginning to see through the shallow, self-serving outrage of the old TV and radio pundits, and are instead turning to figures who are willing to take an honest look at the … Continued


How the Ivy League Lost Sight of What Matters

Earlier this summer, I attended a two-week summer philosophy course that included many students from Ivy League universities. It didn’t take long for me to realize that although these students were brilliant, they seemed to be receiving an education that was harming them. I learned that Ivy League schools have lost sight of what matters … Continued


‘Master of None’ and the Virtuous Millennial

The millennial role model is here. It’s not a brash comedienne or an idealistic politician—it’s a short Indian dude. In the second season of Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series, Master of None, the show focuses on a millennial protagonist trying to do the right thing, a welcome change from the cynical ethos of many shows on … Continued


Bill Nye, the Ideological Science Guy

You may remember Bill Nye from Bill Nye the Science Guy, the beloved 90s kid’s science show. But Nye’s new Netflix show, modestly titled Bill Nye Saves the World, targets adults—and ruins his legacy in the process. Saves the World tackles contemporary issues like GMOs, artificial intelligence, and homeopathy. Nye tries to explain with his … Continued