Naomi Schaefer Riley is a weekly columnist for the New York Post and a former Wall Street Journal editor and writer whose work focuses on higher education, religion, philanthropy and culture. She is also a Senior Fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum.

Ms. Riley's writings have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the LA Times, and the Washington Post, among other publications. She appears regularly on FoxNews and FoxBusiness. She has also appeared on Q&A with Brian Lamb as well as the Today Show.

Should Parents Limit Kids’ Exposure to Virtual Reality?

How do you know which rides your kids should go on at Universal Studios? This is the question I confronted last week. The map of the park lists no fewer than 14 symbols by which to judge the rides, including whether there are sign language interpreters available. Obviously, there are the height requirements, which meant … Continued


‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is Less Relevant Than Ever in Trump’s America

“The Handmaid’s Tale: A Newly Resonant Dystopia Comes to TV.” “In Trump’s America, The Handmaid’s Tale Matters More Than Ever.” “’The Handmaid’s Tale’ dystopia is captivating, especially now that reality is more dramatic than fiction.” “’The Handmaid’s Tale’: Enraging, riveting and scarily relevant.” Everyone seems to agree that Margaret Atwood’s 1986 bestselling novel deserves a … Continued


Stop Going Down the Playground Slide with Your Kids!

Playgrounds are for children. I know this seems obvious, but apparently no one mentioned it to Anne Hathaway. The Oscar-winning actress recently told Jimmy Fallon about how she “almost killed” her one-year-old son by going down a slide with him. “I [pulled my] skirt around me, and I put Johnny there, and we are going … Continued


Why All-Men’s Colleges Are Still Under Siege

There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States. There are only four that are all male. But that is at least one too many, apparently. A California Appeals Court ruled last week that Deep Springs College, a school with only twenty-six students, may start admitting women. Founded a century ago by industrialist … Continued


How Much Screen Time is Too Much for Kids?

How important is it to separate kids from electronic devices? The Oklahoma state Senate and House recently passed a bill that would prevent licensed day care centers in the state from giving kids under the age of two any screen time. Critics will no doubt say that this measure seems draconian. What’s the harm in … Continued


Why We Trust Advertisements More than We Trust Congress

Nationwide really is on your side. That seems to be the conclusion of a recent study by YouGov that found that three quarters of American adults think that advertisements are generally honest. That’s up sixteen points from three years ago. We are constantly told that Americans have become increasingly skeptical of and cynical about all … Continued


Want A Man Who Changes Diapers? Maybe Don’t Marry a Male Feminist

In her new book, How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids, Jancee Dunn interviews one of her friends, Marea, about her weekend: “Our daughter wakes me up early; I make breakfast and get her dressed,” she says. “Sean sleeps in and then takes his time waking up, complete with a stretch session. After he’s … Continued