What I Told My Kids About the Church Shooting in Texas

It’s impossible, and probably unwise, to shield one’s children from every evil in the world. Still, at the ages my kids are—ten, eight, six, and three—they don’t need to be aware of every political happening, national tragedy, or bit of celebrity gossip. That said, my oldest heard the news about the massacre in Texas recently, … Continued


Why I Don’t Do Spooky Halloween

When I was a young adult, I used to believe that watching a Stephen King film or reading one Stephen King novel every year and feeling utterly scared out of your mind was good for a person’s psyche. I’m not entirely sure what prompted this idea but it likely grew from the same impulse that … Continued


Five Reasons We Still Love ‘The Princess Bride’

For the next few days, The Princess Bride, the iconic indie-film-turned-blockbuster that turns thirty years old this year will be playing in select theaters. Has it really been that long since we met handsome, poor Wesley and his cheeky love, Buttercup? To celebrate this occasion, here are five reasons we still love The Princess Bride, … Continued


Why Hollywood Should Rethink the Romantic Comedy

As far as romantic comedies (rom-coms) go, the reason women (and some men) like them is because they’re light, funny—and romantic, obviously. Who doesn’t get warm fuzzies during the scene at the end of You’ve Got Mail when Meg Ryan’s and Tom Hanks’ characters reunite after falling in love online yet feuding in real life? … Continued


Are Kids’ Sports Out of Control?

Fall is not only back-to-school season; it’s back to kids’ sports season. I’m sure I’m not the only parent who will soon be juggling practices and games for multiple kids playing multiple sports. While I try to keep our family’s costs minimal and the effort only moderate—my children play mostly in recreational leagues—balancing family, finances … Continued


The Culture Wars Aren’t The Only Reason People Homeschool

It’s a common myth that homeschool parents wear denim skirts and lock their children in closets never to see friends or develop social skills. It’s also a common myth that parents choose to homeschool because they believe the public school system is the Devil Incarnate and fear that if their children attend they will turn … Continued


It’s Time to Stop Caring About Celebrity Breakups

This week, news broke that actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were separating after eight years of marriage. As the headline in Elle magazine signaled (and many upset Twitter users noted), “Love is dead.” Why do we care so much about celebrity break-ups? Consider the long-running saga that is (or was) the partnership of Angelina … Continued


Is the Real Goal of the LGBTQ Community ‘Genderless’ Children?

As LGBTQ rights have taken center stage in the public sphere, one common denominator in every protest, Supreme Court case, or other legal challenge is activists’ claim that equality is their movement’s only goal. When opponents offered slippery slope arguments, they were sneered at as silly, logical fallacies. If parents expressed concerns about their children’s … Continued