Mary Rose Somarriba is executive editor and culture editor of Verily Magazine.

Viral Video Overreach: Kanye West Edition

Last week Kanye West unveiled a music video for a song “Famous” that seems to be the latest bid to break the Internet. Perhaps since marrying Kim Kardashian, West has been infected with the reality-TV bug of trying to out-outrageous others in his field, because in this video, West includes a depiction of himself, his … Continued

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Is Beyoncé Beyond Feminism?

As you’ve probably heard, Beyoncé released her second surprise video album this weekend. The album, called Lemonade, aired as a one-hour feature on HBO on Saturday, and has since been available to viewers and listeners on her husband Jay Z’s streaming music site Tidal. I have had my criticisms of Beyoncé’s past albums, but this … Continued

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Enough with the Rape Scenes on ‘Game of Thrones’

Spoiler Alert for something I wouldn’t recommend watching: In Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) marries Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) in a dark and dismal ceremony. While the wedding itself isn’t as grim as other weddings on the show have been (Red Wedding, anyone?), what follows the exchange of vows is … Continued

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ESPN’s Britt McHenry is a ‘Mean Girl’

Late last week, ESPN sideline reporter Britt McHenry had a rude awakening. And I mean rude, literally. She was filmed saying very rude comments and has been suspended from her job for a week. Turns out McHenry had a bad day. She got her car towed and was upset about that. She made rude comments … Continued


Stripping for a Good Cause?

Nude photos of female celebrities are in the news a lot these days. Most of them were stolen and leaked, because few women choose to share such things publicly. But one celebrity has intentionally released a nude photo of herself. Alicia Keys says she hopes her nude pregnancy photo will “make the world a better place.” Keys released the photo … Continued


How Young Is Too Young For Heels?

Celeb watchers were alarmed when they saw Heidi Klum with her kids on the streets New York City the other day. The Project Runway star was photographed holding her daughters’ hands leaving a sushi restaurant. What’s wrong with this picture? Her ten-year-old daughter is wearing high heels that look very much like those of her supermodel mom. Leave … Continued