Micah Meadowcroft is an editorial assistant for The American Conservative magazine in Washington, D.C. A recent graduate of Hillsdale College, he has also written for The American Spectator and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Like Odysseus, he is wandering the earth for a season away from home in the Pacific Northwest.

Will ‘Rogue One’ Explore the Meaning of Fatherhood?

I’ll confess I’ve never not been excited about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Disney gained my trust, and Lucasfilm earned it back, with The Force Awakens. But after the final trailer came out for this prequel side-story, opening in December, I’m very, very excited, and my trust does not seem misplaced. While this Star … Continued

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What Americans Could Learn from ‘The Crown’

As The Onion, which might be the country’s most piercing source of social criticism, reminded America recently, yes, we did in fact choose Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald John Trump to contend for the leadership of the United States for the next four years. And after the first debate, well . . . it’s hard … Continued

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‘Chef’s Table’ and the Virtues of Limits

“When he considers a turnip, it’s like he’s falling in love.” That passion for turnips sets Chef Alain Passard apart from his peers in the world of haute cuisine. Fine French cooking revolves around meat, and the produce-forward menu at Passard’s Arpège in Paris seems to be its own storming of the Bastille. The first … Continued