What ‘A Christmas Carol’ Teaches Us About Happiness

Two copies of A Christmas Carol, both illustrated, and four different film adaptations, one animated and one featuring Muppets, sit in my parents’ living room. My father, the patron of this Christmas collection, always told his children A Christmas Carol wasn’t just a holiday narrative, it was a human one. A tale of redemption and … Continued


Feminism is in Fashion, but It’s a Questionable Style

When I visited New York City a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t turn around without seeing someone my age wearing clothing promoting feminist messages. It’s fashionable to be a feminist these days: Just throw on a pink p***y hat or a $710 Dior “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS” T-shirt (only available in boutiques, alas) … Continued


What ‘The Glass Castle’ Teaches Us About the Limits of Freedom

In Jeannette Walls’ best-selling memoir, The Glass Castle, she recounts burning down an abandoned shack with her brother, the result of a failed experiment involving matches and hazardous waste. After pulling her brother from the flames, her father, Rex, pauses for a moment before offering a physics lesson: He pointed to the top of the … Continued


Why ‘Vogue’’s Attempt to Embrace ‘Gender Fluidity’ Backfired

Vogue magazine might know what’s in vogue for fashion, but its latest attempts to seem culturally correct have failed miserably. This month, Vogue attempted to ally itself with the latest trend in inclusivity—gender fluidity—by featuring celebrity power couple Zayn Malik (formerly of the boy band One Direction) and model Gigi Hadid on its August cover. … Continued


Don’t Ask a Supermodel What Feminism Means

It’s terribly difficult to be a woman in modern America. Just ask former supermodel Paulina Porizkova. After immigrating to the U.S. as a young woman, she pursued a lucrative modeling career, married and had children, and even wrote a few books. Nevertheless, the oppressive mores of American society recently compelled her publicly to adopt the … Continued


The War Against Taco Tuesday

A burrito cart in Portland recently closed after citizens of one of America’s most progressive cities charged its owners with cultural appropriation. Accused of exploiting a marginalized culture by serving its food, two white women and their breakfast burritos were forced into early retirement. Does this signify the collapse of ethnic cuisine? Are all Mexican … Continued


Why Are Feminists So Angry With Miss USA?

This year’s Miss USA has been raising eyebrows—not for ignorance of English grammar or basic geography—but for her strong opinions on social and political issues. Twitter erupted last week after Miss D.C., Kára McCullough, dared to speak her mind on national television. When asked during a final round of the Miss USA competition whether she … Continued