United Airlines Was Right to Remove a Belligerent Passenger

Anyone asked to leave an overbooked flight for which they purchased a ticket would be justifiably annoyed. They have somewhere they need to be, and it wasn’t their fault United Airlines screwed up. So when a passenger on United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was randomly chosen to be removed, he was right … Continued


Death to Self-Service Kiosks!

Waiting in line at the airport was already an unpleasant enough experience, but now airlines want us to do their work for them. Rather than simply hand over our bags and have our tickets handed to us, passengers now must enter all our information on a computer kiosk ourselves. I encountered those stupid machines most … Continued

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Beyoncé-Worship Shows How Political Correctness Ruins Pop Culture

With the Academy Awards looming this weekend, it’s a good time to ask why the public even cares about awards shows anymore. Consider the ridiculous “controversy” that erupted at the recent 59th Grammy Awards when Beyoncé didn’t win each and every Grammy at the 59th Grammy Awards on February 12th. How could Dear Leader B, … Continued


Why Social Justice Warriors Think It’s OK to Be Racist Towards Asians

It happens all too often to Americans of Asian ancestry. They are walking home on a crowded street, and someone bumps into them and shouts, “Go back to China!” When it happened last year to Michael Luo, a New York Times journalist, he started the hashtag #ThisIs2016, and Asian-Americans shared their stories. It happened to … Continued


Why Portland is Getting Sick of “Portlandia”

Walk down Hawthorne Street in Portland, Oregon, and it’s as if you’ve stepped onto the set of the hit TV show Portlandia. You walk past punks smoking pot on the sidewalk, trendy bars and coffeehouses, and shops full of Central Asian prayer ornaments. The men have beards and the women have dyed hair. A Starbucks … Continued

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Why Do We Have to Review Everything We Do?

The most annoying day of every semester in college was the last day of class when we had to fill out evaluations of the professors. Like my fellow students, I wanted to get out of class, but before we could, we had to answer a long list of questions that attempted the nearly impossible task … Continued


Lena Dunham’s Female Sexual Entitlement

Sexual entitlement, fragility, and objectification are problems in the entertainment industry. If you want evidence of that, look no further than feminist hero Lena Dunham. At the 2016 Met Gala, Dunham treated NFL player Odell Beckham, Jr and actor Michael B. Jordan as objects for her sexual gratification and then became offended when they didn’t … Continued


The Feminist Attack Against K-pop

Korea is a country obsessed with popular music and entertainment. Every night of the week, one of seven major networks broadcasts a K-pop countdown show full of sexy girls and handsome guys dancing and singing (or lip syncing) in ways that would make feminist websites like Jezebel describe Taylor Swift as Betty Friedan by comparison. … Continued

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