Katrina Trinko is a managing editor of The Daily Signal, a publication of the Heritage Foundation, and a member of the Board of Contributors at USA TODAY.

Our Narcissistic Age Could Use Some ‘Casablanca’ Values

Casablanca never could have been made today. The classic movie, which turned seventy-five this year, features themes that would never fly in today’s world: that personal happiness is not the most important goal; that feelings ought to be ignored at times; and that romantic love isn’t always worth pursuing. Talk about retro values. In case … Continued


Salma Hayek, Harvey Weinstein, and Sex in the Movies

In her gripping exposure of Harvey Weinstein, outlined in a recent New York Times opinion piece, actress Salma Hayek has unraveled one of Hollywood’s most cherished myths: that sexual content in movies is necessary for “art.” Sex, they say, is part of life, and it is necessary to show it to depict the fullness of … Continued


Will Renting Friends Soon Be As Popular as Calling Uber?

Will the future bring the world an app that allows us to rent friends, families, and significant others as easily as we call for an Uber? If we follow Japanese trends, yes. A Japanese business called “Family Romance” has actors for hire, ready and willing to be anything from your baby to your grandparent. “In … Continued


What ‘Fixer Upper’ Taught Us About Marriage

In their years on HGTV’s show, Fixer Upper, hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines achieved far more than merely getting Americans to embrace open floor plans and shiplap; they made marriage look fun again. The Texas couple’s decision to end the show after soon-to-be-aired Season Five ensures it won’t devolve into them simply playing certain roles, … Continued


Taylor Swift’s Revenge Fantasies Won’t Help Her Image

Taylor Swift isn’t shaking it off anymore. The singer, no stranger to criticism, released a new song last Thursday that promotes victimhood and revenge over personal responsibility. In “Look What You Made Me Do,” there are no fewer than thirty-two repeats and slight variations of the line “Look what you made me do.” Other lyrics focus … Continued


Please Stop Trying to Make Chelsea Clinton Happen

Here we go again. If you thought Hillary Clinton’s loss in the presidential election was the end of our Clinton era, think again. Chelsea Clinton announced last week she was authoring a book called She Persisted, about 13 women in American history who, well, persisted. The phrase is newly trendy among liberals because it is … Continued


Why Aren’t Millennials More Entrepreneurial?

Why aren’t millennials chasing the American Dream? They’re a generation struggling to just stay afloat. That’s the troubling finding of a new survey of Millennials that shows there are more would-be Dilberts than Mark Zuckerbergs among today’s young adults. Only twenty-two percent of Millennials think the “best way to advance [their] career” is starting their … Continued