Katrina Trinko is a managing editor of The Daily Signal, a publication of the Heritage Foundation, and a member of the Board of Contributors at USA TODAY.

Please Stop Trying to Make Chelsea Clinton Happen

Here we go again. If you thought Hillary Clinton’s loss in the presidential election was the end of our Clinton era, think again. Chelsea Clinton announced last week she was authoring a book called She Persisted, about 13 women in American history who, well, persisted. The phrase is newly trendy among liberals because it is … Continued


Why Aren’t Millennials More Entrepreneurial?

Why aren’t millennials chasing the American Dream? They’re a generation struggling to just stay afloat. That’s the troubling finding of a new survey of Millennials that shows there are more would-be Dilberts than Mark Zuckerbergs among today’s young adults. Only twenty-two percent of Millennials think the “best way to advance [their] career” is starting their … Continued


Bridget Jones Has Finally Learned the Virtues of Jane Austen

Warning: This article contains significant spoilers for “Bridget Jones’s Baby.” Maybe the best romances are founded on differences, not compatibility. That’s the intriguing question raised by Bridget Jones’s Baby, the third movie chronicling the hapless adventures of the unhappily single Bridget Jones. While Bridget—whom we last saw in 2004’s Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason—has … Continued

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The Men Who Say Sexism Isn’t That Big a Deal Are Right

It’s another instance of thought crime. “More than half the men in America don’t think gender inequality is a thing,” tut-tutted Fusion’s headline, underneath the label “Uphill Battle.” The Huffington Post was even brasher: “LOL, 56 Percent Of Men Think Sexism Is Over.” Under fire were the respondents to a Pew Research Center poll released … Continued


Tinder, Dating, and Emotional Castration

By the time I have kids who are teenagers, I expect I’ll have to have the talk. I’ll have to explain that when a couple has sex—a scenario they’ll probably need no mechanical details about, thanks to YouTube videos on smart phones swapped between second graders—it’s OK if they don’t merely enjoy themselves but actually … Continued