Pity Our Overconfident Celebrities

The Dunning-Kruger effect is defined as a cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority. In other words, it’s when dumb as rocks folks think they’re brilliant. We all know people who suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect: spin instructors, mommy bloggers, anti-vaccination zealots, essential oil peddlers, people who shop at Whole Foods. Nearly … Continued


Feminism’s Problems are Bigger Than One Bad Teacher

In the popular ‘80s movie The Goonies, the character Chunk is taken prisoner by the bank-robbing Fratelli gang, who are on the lam and hiding in an abandoned seaside restaurant. When Francis Fratelli (brilliantly played by Joe Pantoliano), the more sociopathic of the two Fratelli brothers, holds Chunk’s hand over a running blender’s blades and says, … Continued


Neil deGrasse Tyson Tries to Kill the Tooth Fairy

It’s typical nowadays for people to take things way too seriously. That’s precisely what normally charming astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson did when he claimed that parents who promote traditional childhood fairytales, like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, are participating in a “hoax perpetuated by adults on children.” Sheesh. Take it down a couple light … Continued


Everything’s Political—Even Your Food Choices

Last month, National Geographic declared, with the help of an exploitive picture of a pink-clad transgender child, that America is in the midst of a gender revolution. Everything, it seems, is now being looked at through the lens of gender, including our choices about what to eat. According to a recent article in the Washington … Continued


Salad: The Silent Killer?

That’s it, folks. There’s nothing left to eat. With news this week that salad may be hazardous to your health, it’s clear we all need to stop eating altogether. Let’s face it, food is a killer. Americans have been hearing just that for decades, and yet life expectancy continues to rise while cancer rates go … Continued


Western Feminists Discover New Tool of the Patriarchy: Salad!

Violence against women is spiking around the world. According to the BBC, last week, Taliban militants in the northwestern Badghis province of Afghanistan shot and killed a twenty-five-year-old woman who divorced her husband and then remarried. That same week, according to multiple news reports, a thirty-year-old woman was beheaded in a remote village in the … Continued


USDA Demands Holiday Snacks (and Parents) Be Removed From Schools

Starting next year, bringing a dozen homemade cupcakes to your child’s classroom to celebrate his or her birthday will be tantamount to lighting up a cigarette on the blacktop. Candy canes and gingerbread men people will be verboten during the school’s Christmas party winter celebration. And this Spring, don’t expect any candy in the classroom; … Continued


Ode to the Strip Mall

This Christmas season, I find I’m doing a lot more shopping at my local strip mall. Oddly, I’m enjoying it. Strip malls often get a bad rap. Most are thought of as cold, architecturally unpleasant outposts for life’s necessities—dry-cleaning, medications, a quick bite to eat, batteries, stationary, a haircut or a manicure, the odd gift … Continued


Martha Stewart Snoops to A New Low

Moments into the new VH1 Martha and Snoop Dogg cooking/freak show, viewers are treated to jokes about pot, porn and profanity. What fun! The show hardly mirrors the much-talked-about trailer, which went viral almost immediately after VH1 released it last month. In that trailer, Martha and Snoop look relaxed as they dance and flirt. They … Continued

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Parents: Stop Scaring Your Kids About the Election

The morning after the election, I vowed not to go on Facebook . . . and then promptly logged on. As I predicted, my feed was filled with emotional posts from my liberal friends, who were somewhere along the five stages of grief. I saw denial (Vermont hasn’t reported yet! There’s still a chance!), anger … Continued