Why Christians Shouldn’t Let Go of Christmas

Earlier this year, conservative author Rod Dreher called for Christians to stage a “strategic withdrawal” from the secular world in order to preserve their values in a culture that is increasingly hostile to faith. He described this as “the Benedict option.” Now, an Irish priest has proposed a sort of Benedict option for the holiday … Continued


Should High-School Athletes Compete in their Underwear?

When the late, great George Sheehan took up running in the 1960s, his children were mortified when neighbors would ask, “Why is your father running around town in his underwear?” He wasn’t, but in those days, few people ran on public streets unless they were being chased by police, and so any man running publicly … Continued


Pets Shouldn’t Be For Rent

If the dog of your dreams is not in your budget, Wags Lending is here to help.  The Nevada-based company says it’s an “alternative financing option to help you take home that pet TODAY.” At first blush, the website seems like a clever parody from The Onion.  A promotional video features a sketch of “Jack” … Continued


The Most Important Message in Tom Brady’s New Book

Lost in the uproar over whether NFL players should stand for the National Anthem is the release of a new book by the celebrated Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady.  Even more lost is the most important message of that book, which is not, as most reviewers believe, the importance of what Brady and his trainer call … Continued


Does Michelangelo Belong at the State Fair?

When New England’s biggest fair opens Friday, fair-goers will indulge in its usual pleasures—corndogs and cream puffs—and take their chances on games and midway rides. They will also be able to visit the Sistine Chapel, right by the Swifty Swine racing pigs. You can thank a Los Angeles company called Special Entertainment Events for this.  … Continued


Don’t Believe the Media. Arkansas is Not the Riyadh of the West

Is Arkansas the new Saudi Arabia? You’d think so from recent news accounts about the state’s new abortion restrictions. “In Arkansas, women will need permission from men to get abortions,” a headline on HuffPost said. Other publications, including The Independent in the UK, and Allure and Glamour magazines, used the same wording in headlines and … Continued


Couples Don’t Need Wedding Loans. They Need More Modest Weddings

It’s been fifty-four years since Jessica Mitford skewered the funeral industry in The American Way of Death, and twenty-five years since she followed up with The American Way of Birth, which was equally scathing. Unfortunately, Mitford died without writing the third part of what should have been a trilogy. Missing is an exploration of the … Continued


Why Rage Rooms Don’t Work

Angry Americans with too much money and time now have an outlet for disposing of both. The emergence of “rage rooms”—where people can beat objects senseless—is heralded as solution to the existential wrath that simmers on AM radio and cable news shows and in the driver in your rearview mirror who thinks you’re not going … Continued


Hallmark and the Marketing of the Happy Divorce

Hallmark has built a brand synonymous with love and family. The Hallmark Channel is famously filled with happy endings; its slogan is “the heart of TV.”  Even celebrations derided as “Hallmark holidays” are all about love nurtured and sustained against the odds. So it’s a little jarring to peruse Father’s Day and anniversary cards at the … Continued


The Worried Parents’ Guide to K-Pop

If you suffered through the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, you may know that a Korean pop group called BTS bested several American bands and singers in a category called “Best Social Artist.” Being best social artist doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an especially good singer or musician. It means that your fans voted more frequently … Continued