The Worried Parents’ Guide to K-Pop

If you suffered through the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, you may know that a Korean pop group called BTS bested several American bands and singers in a category called “Best Social Artist.” Being best social artist doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an especially good singer or musician. It means that your fans voted more frequently … Continued


Oprah, Henrietta Lacks and the Little Red Hen

Michael Finkel is a writer in Montana who read the news on his smartphone one morning and came across an intriguing story. Police in Maine had arrested the elusive Sasquatch of a man known as the “North Pond hermit,” a loner suspected in more than 1,000 burglaries over a quarter of a century. While thousands … Continued


Is it Sexist to Call Women ‘Joggers’ Instead of ‘Runners?’

It’s marathon season, and so the nation’s streets are full of “joggers,” or so most headline writers in the U.S. would have us believe. In newspapers around the country, it’s not runners, but “joggers” that are assaulted by strangers, hit by cars, pelted with fireworks, or bitten by a rabid fox. I’ve been ranting about … Continued


Why We Should Bring Back “Ma’am” and “Sir”

The ever winsome Rachel Maddow won kudos last week for her response when a New Jersey congressman called her “sir” on the air. “It’s all right, I answer to both,” she said, laughing, after Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., a Democrat from Paterson, quickly corrected himself with a “ma’am.” The exchange is notable for two reasons: … Continued


Media Perplexed: Four Children are “Work”

You don’t have to be a fan of Kellyanne Conway to be angry at how the headlines treated her last week. All you have to be is a parent blessed with a large family. In the latest public skewering of an advisor to the president, Conway was roundly mocked for the reason she gave when … Continued

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Facebook Live Claims Another Victim: Steelers’ Coach Mike Tomlin

Bill Belichick is professional football’s version of Grumpy Cat: a seemingly dour and prickly coach who was pronounced “hard to love” in a recent New York Times article about his team, the New England Patriots, which heads to the Super Bowl in two weeks. It’s a reputation that Belichick has seemed unable—or unwilling—to shake, despite … Continued

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How Twenty One Pilots Are Saving American Kids

At first glance, they’re a parent’s worst nightmare: A pair of punked-out, tattooed Millennials who perform songs about suicide and despair while wearing black face masks that seem even more sinister than the make-up and ear gauges they conceal. But don’t be duped by the dark façade. The alt-rock duo Twenty One Pilots, currently on … Continued

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How to Prevent the New Year Divorce

Tipped off by Elvis Presley that not everyone is merry at Christmas, churches are increasingly tending to those who are hurting over the holidays. Their “Blue Christmas” services acknowledge that pain rarely takes a day off and, in fact, can intensify at precisely the season when the whole world seems happy. But churches should also … Continued


The Virtues of Christmas Music—Even When It’s Played 24/7

For many Christians, the quiet promise of Advent has given way to a mourning and gnashing of teeth more befitting Lent. The cause? The annual lament over crèches disappearing from public spaces and society’s insistence on wan “holiday” concerts and greetings. But in focusing on skirmishes lost, Christians overlook ground they hold firmly: the message … Continued

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