Scientology’s Hollywood Problem

How do we solve a problem like Scientology? Its founder, the late L. Ron Hubbard (who, according to Scientologists, isn’t dead but rather resides in a different context that’s too complex for us non-Scientologists to fathom) used his Hollywood know-how and derring-do to make the cult a worldwide powerhouse complete with a bevy of eager … Continued


As Trump Era Begins, Some Survival Tips for Hollywood Liberals

Hollywood, where everyone is instantly “so over” their own movies when they aren’t a smash on opening day, can’t seem to get over the fact that Donald Trump will become our next president tomorrow. It goes without saying that Clint Eastwood, Patricia Heaton, Gary Sinise, and the rest of the Hollywood Right would have been … Continued


Trump’s “Honey” Trap

Is it ever appropriate to call a woman who is not your spouse, family member, or close friend, “honey”? Donald Trump thinks it is. It all started when CNN’s Dana Bash asked Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway if she ever expressed her displeasure with something the candidate had said. Conway revealed that she recently told … Continued