Applying to Graduate School Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune

I just spent $1,000 applying for graduate school. I applied to nine schools, and the cost of each application ranged between $50 and $105 with only one university’s application process costing nothing (I was so confused that the one application didn’t ask me for my credit card information that I contacted several people at the … Continued


Can We Improve the Way the Legal System Deals with Predatory Men?

Men aren’t looking too great right now. While obviously not all men are sexual predators and should be innocent until proven guilty (because there are some women who make up rape cases—remember the infamous Rolling Stone rape article?), it’s disheartening to hear more and more of these stories of sexual harassment and assault in the … Continued


‘Bob’s Burgers’ and Hollywood’s Problem with Thanksgiving

It happens every year; stores are covered in red and green Christmas decorations before Halloween celebrations even start. Commercialism overtakes commonsense. I don’t know if the early saturation of Christmas décor works for sales since it actually seems to make everyone mad, but it seems to happen earlier and earlier every year. And yet, I … Continued


The Education of Steve Harrington from ‘Stranger Things’

Stranger Things premiered its second season, and its cult following went crazy for it. The second season was just as suspenseful and fantastic as the first (minus the infamous episode seven), but it wasn’t the frightening demogorgon monsters or the appearance of Sean Astin and Paul Reiser that had everyone talking—it was the side character … Continued


Student Loan Debt Isn’t Just a Problem for Millennials

It seems like most articles I write include a mention of student debt because it’s having such a crippling effect on my generation, but this may be the first time I realized I needed to write an entire article dedicated to debt. I’m going to establish a few things first so I don’t get the … Continued


Why ‘Uncomfortable’ Books Like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Are Precisely the Ones Kids Should be Reading

Another book has made the infamous “banned books” list. The public school district in Biloxi, Mississippi decided to pull To Kill a Mockingbird from the eighth grade reading curriculum this year because, district officials said, “There is some language in the book that makes people uncomfortable.” If the language in To Kill a Mockingbird makes … Continued


The Female Viking Warrior Isn’t Real. Why Do So Many People Want Her to Be?

It’s interesting how little people care about history unless new inspiring evidence is found of it, especially when it comes to historical women redefining gender roles. In a discovery that has gone viral, there appears to be new evidence that Viking women were warriors and even “high-ranking officers,” leading men into battle against their enemies … Continued