Millennials’ Latest Sin? Eating Too Much Avocado Toast

“Let them eat avocado toast” is going to be this century’s slogan for Millennials. In case you haven’t heard, Millennials are getting hated on (again) for not buying houses—because they spend too much money on avocado toast. And no, this didn’t come from The Onion. It’s the most ridiculous accusation since Millennials were attacked for … Continued


Dove’s Latest Ad Campaign Takes Body Positivity Too Far

Thank goodness for Dove’s latest body positivity campaign: After years of searching, I finally have a soap bottle specifically made for my body type! I feel so much better about my body now. Said no woman ever. In case you haven’t seen all the ridiculous articles about Dove’s latest advertising campaign, the company came out … Continued


The Rise of the Millennial ‘Beg-packer’

I’ve defended Millennials several times- five times alone on Acculturated- but it’s getting harder and harder to defend my generation. Sure, we may be destroying the napkin industry and we single-handedly caused the worst ratings of the Olympics, but being broke actually isn’t entirely our fault and we can use technology to help those in … Continued


Rosa Parks, Little Caesars Pizza, and the Power of Generosity

What do Rosa Parks and Little Caesars Pizza have in common? More than you might think. Mike Ilitch, the founder of Little Caesars and owner of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings, passed away on February 10th, and since his death, news of his secret generosity has come to light. After Rosa Parks, a … Continued


Roger Federer is a Professional Athlete Your Kids Can Look Up To

Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal, his long-time rival, in the Australian Open final last weekend, making it his eighteenth Grand Slam title and his first Grand Slam win since Wimbledon in 2012, despite the fact that hard court tennis isn’t even his specialty; he’s the king of grass courts. Even more remarkable? He is thirty-five … Continued

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Why Millennials’ Problems are Everyone’s Problem

Driving to work this morning, I heard some radio talk show hosts talk about a new report that shows Millennials are earning about 20 percent less than their Baby Boomer parents. The median net worth of Millennials is 56 percent less than the Baby Boom generation. The hosts all sounded surprised, but being a Millennial … Continued


Chip and Joanna Gaines are Role Models, Not Bigots

Chip and Joanna Gaines are known for being the sweet and funny couple with four adorable kids making people’s dream homes come true on HGTV’s show, Fixer Upper. Or at least they were until Buzzfeed decided to drag their names through the mud with a baseless attack. The article claimed that the Gaineses might possibly … Continued