ESPN Virtue-Signals Its Way to Well-Deserved Ridicule

Many people rejoiced when Barack Obama won the 2008 election. Many declared we were in a post-racial America. It didn’t take long before we realized that was all a myth. Racial divisions still run deep in the United States and Barack Obama didn’t help heal them. As much as he seemed to present himself as … Continued


The Top Five Movies that Will Make Men Cry

When you hear the term “tearjerker,” chances are most people will think of movies aimed at women, such as Beaches or Terms of Endearment. The association between women and crying at the movies has a long history. But what about men? Men typically do not admit that they cry when watching movies, and in most … Continued


Was Kathy Griffin’s Anti-Trump Photo ‘Art?’

Artists (whether you like them or not) push boundaries. Sometimes this goes unnoticed, and other times it creates such a stir that a tidal wave of reaction hits as a result. Kathy Griffin learned the hard way that art can provoke in a way that comes with consequences. On Tuesday, Griffin posted a photo of … Continued


Is Hollywood Guilty of Cultural Appropriation in its Casting?

The art of acting creates something of an illusion for the audience. The actor plays the role of another person but often becomes so immersed in the character that audiences often associate the actor with the character instead of the real-life person. In most cases, it is the performance above all else that’s compelling to … Continued


Behold the Media’s Photo-Propaganda

Recently, New York magazine published a profile piece on Donald Trump’s White House counselor and campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. The profile itself is well-written, and overall I found it to be fair and interesting. That said, when I saw the accompanying photos, I couldn’t help but be taken aback. I’ve been a photographer for over … Continued


Baseball Is Largely Free of Politics. Let’s Keep It That Way

Baseball spring training is upon us. The regular season starts on April 2nd and fans are happily blasting John Fogerty’s song, “Centerfield.” Baseball is not referred to as our “national pastime” for nothing. It is a sport that rises above all others because it has moments that stand alone. Of the four major sports—baseball, football, … Continued

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Why We Need to Bring Back Archie Bunker

Comedy as social commentary is nothing new. You can go back to the days of Jonathan Swift, who wrote the outrageous, “A Modest Proposal,” as a means of bringing attention to the poor Irish. Comedians such as Lenny Bruce were doing it in the 1960’s with their standup comedy – touching on issues such as … Continued

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Fake News Isn’t the Problem. Reactionary News is the Problem.

The way people receive their news has changed dramatically over the last twenty-five years. When Bill Clinton was elected President in 1992, the only news source outside of the major networks and talk radio was CNN. The internet was in its infancy, with AOL still a year away from a full launch. There was no … Continued