Dave Taylor is a long time media commentator and writer, with a focus on consumer electronics and technology. He holds a Masters degree in Education and an MBA and has published over twenty books. A single father to two teens and a tween, he also moonlights as a film and media critic and calls Boulder, Colorado home.

Should a ‘Denver Post’ Reporter Been Fired for a Dumb Tweet?

At some point during the last ten or twenty years our culture shifted from accountability and forgiveness to intolerance and overreaction. One reason for this is the prevalence of social justice monitors eager to enforce their own vision of political correctness, aided and abetted by instantaneous punishment meted out on social media. Everyone is now … Continued


When Confederate Statues Are Removed, Are We Unfairly Erasing History?

Time passes and values change. Things our parents and their parents held dear, beliefs and heroes that they cherished, when viewed through the lens of contemporary culture, often no longer seem so heroic or worthy of adulation. No one is immune from this historical revisionism, even our Founding Fathers. But it’s the Civil War that … Continued


Nordstrom Guilty of Blue-Collar Class Appropriation

If you’re a blue collar worker, or just part of the manual labor force getting your hands dirty every day, Nordstrom department store wants to market your look – specifically, they want the rest of the world to buy blue jeans that look like they spent the day at a construction site. Rich urban yuppies … Continued


Stop the Unicorn Madness

It used to be that unicorns were in the same category as fairies, gnomes and trolls: mythical and only really believed by the very young. Unicorns have come a long way since then, however, and the word is now commonly used to describe something that’s bursting with pastel colors, rare or so unique that there’s … Continued


Stop Using Technology to Babysit Your Kids

In a stunning blow for people who use technology as a babysitter for their kids, research is revealing (not surprisingly) that toddlers who are allowed to play with devices and stare at tiny screens are getting less sleep. Researchers at Birkbeck, University of London, concluded that for every four hours a toddler uses a touchscreen … Continued


I Re-Tweet Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets, Therefore I Am

How much do you like fast food? Let’s be more specific: What are you willing to do for some free Wendy’s chicken nuggets? Before you start leaping off cliffs or skateboarding into traffic, keep in mind that in the Internet era you might not have to do much at all; just post to your favorite … Continued