Dave Taylor is a long time media commentator and writer, with a focus on consumer electronics and technology. He holds a Masters degree in Education and an MBA and has published over twenty books. A single father to two teens and a tween, he also moonlights as a film and media critic and calls Boulder, Colorado home.

A Brief History of American Presidents and the Boy Scouts

As with many presidents before him, Donald Trump was invited to speak to thousands of boys attending the recent Boy Scout Jamboree. Unlike many other presidents, however, including former president Barack Obama, President Trump took them up on the offer and on July 24 delivered remarks to 40,000 Boy Scouts in West Virginia. A talk … Continued


Should a ‘Denver Post’ Reporter Been Fired for a Dumb Tweet?

At some point during the last ten or twenty years our culture shifted from accountability and forgiveness to intolerance and overreaction. One reason for this is the prevalence of social justice monitors eager to enforce their own vision of political correctness, aided and abetted by instantaneous punishment meted out on social media. Everyone is now … Continued


When Confederate Statues Are Removed, Are We Unfairly Erasing History?

Time passes and values change. Things our parents and their parents held dear, beliefs and heroes that they cherished, when viewed through the lens of contemporary culture, often no longer seem so heroic or worthy of adulation. No one is immune from this historical revisionism, even our Founding Fathers. But it’s the Civil War that … Continued