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Joel Osteen, Hurricane Harvey, and the Twitter Mob

Texas megachurch pastor and “prosperity gospel” promoter Joel Osteen got the Justine Sacco treatment this week. Don’t know Sacco? She’s the PR professional whose clunky AIDS joke turned her into a Twitter punching bag several years ago and eventually cost her her job and reputation. Unlike Sacco before her infamous tweet, however, Osteen is already … Continued


Stop Apologizing to Social Justice Warriors. It Just Feeds their Sanctimony.

Laurie Forest’s first YA novel earned the kind of reviews most authors dream about. Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) swiftly transformed those raves into a woke nightmare. Yet Forest persisted, and overcame the mob. And other artists should, too, if they have any hope of surviving the next wave of unseemly politically correct attacks on their … Continued


Michael Jackson and the Dead Celebrity Problem

The dead celebrity business is alive, well—and deeply disturbing. It’s not new, of course. Elvis Presley’s death didn’t stop his estate from making money for decades. Rapper Tupac Shakur cranked out albums years after his still-unsolved murder in 1996. More recently, Hologram USA, a company that broadcasts hologram concerts by dead performers, is suing the … Continued


Al Gore’s Environmental Messiah Complex

Al Gore says preaching to the choir just isn’t enough in 2017. His new film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, aims to reach the “deniers” who cling to their conservative talking points about global warming- or rather, climate change. The former Vice President has spent more than a decade warning the world about the … Continued


Is Common Sense (Finally) Making a Comeback?

You know American culture is on the decline when we look back on the old Baywatch television show and mourn its “innocence.” At a time when conservative speakers on campus are regularly shouted down and physically attacked, and when even reliably staid news outlets sound like The National Enquirer, it’s difficult to be optimistic about … Continued