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Is ‘YouTube Celebrity’ an Oxymoron?

Mamrie Hart is coming to a theater near you soon. Never heard of her? She is one of the bigger stars in the YouTube galaxy thanks to her “You Deserve a Drink” video series. And in 2017, being well-known for being on YouTube matters more than ever, apparently. Lionsgate certainly thinks so. The studio behind … Continued


Two New Movies Agree: Mean People Suck

Two new movies suggest something any Facebook user already knows: We’re getting far too good at being bad to our neighbors. The main character in the film, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, might be the most milquetoast heroine in recent memory. Ruth is a loner living in a nondescript home in … Continued

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Should We Celebrate the Dad Who Publicly Shamed His Son on ESPN?

Dads keep supercharging our social media feeds. First, Professor Robert E. Kelly’s video chat with the BBC got interrupted by his young children. The dumbstruck dad found himself Internet famous for 15 minutes. Why? What parent couldn’t relate to being interrupted by an irrepressible child? Now, a basketball-loving father publicly shamed his child into hitting … Continued


The Challenges of Being a Role Model

I had one of those parenting win/fail moments recently. I got up early to do my morning DVD workout in our basement. My eight-year-old son stumbled downstairs after his obligatory cereal fix and settled down on the couch to watch me go through my paces. Good, I thought between sets. He’s getting a lesson in … Continued


Why Disney is Trying to Teach its Child Stars “Life Skills”

The Coreys didn’t have access to Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter at the height of their fame. And yet, both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman struggled despite having all the trappings of success. The 1980s teen stars appeared in some of the decade’s biggest films, including Stand By Me (Feldman) and The Lost Boys (Haim, Feldman). … Continued


The Surprising Lessons My Family Learned from Raising Chickens

The circle of life seemed a heck of a lot easier in The Lion King. Cleaner, too. A few years ago, our family decided we didn’t have enough pets. So we “adopted” some chickens. “Think of the eggs!” my wife reasoned. Well, the egg production has been spotty, at best. What’s been far more instructive … Continued


Why I Don’t Watch ‘Saturday Night Live’ Anymore

As a boy, one phrase meant more to me than anything else in my pop culture world: “Live from New York. . . it’s Saturday Night!” Today, that phrase has an entirely new meaning—the corruption of a once-beloved franchise. That’s how far the increasingly partisan Saturday Night Live has fallen for this lifelong fan. And, … Continued

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