Chelsea Samelson is a freelance writer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is the owner of Moondough Bakery and a recent graduate of Hillsdale College.

Why Don’t Millennials Know How to Use a Tape Measure? Ask Their Parents

The growing concern that millennials don’t measure up reached new lengths this week when it was revealed that millennials literally don’t measure up. As in, they don’t know how to use a tape measure. That’s what the Wall Street Journal noted in a recent piece highlighting how Home Depot is creating instructional videos for millennials … Continued


Why Feminists Are on the Wrong Side of Justice When it Comes to Betsy DeVos

Radical feminists don’t care about equality. They don’t care about justice. They don’t care about men. And they don’t seem to really care about women, either. They proved all of this in their response to U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who recently announced her intention to reform federal guidelines regarding campus sexual assault. … Continued


Has the College Cafeteria Become Another Campus ‘Safe Space?’

Last Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal ran a story entitled, “College Activists March on the Cafeteria: What Do We Want? Hydroponic Cilantro!” With a headline like that, one could be forgiven for thinking college activists are actually marching on cafeterias demanding hydroponic cilantro. Don’t worry—they’re not. They are, however, continuing to push colleges across the … Continued


Sorry, Hollywood, No One Wants an All-Female ‘Lord of the Flies’

It was only a matter of time. For a society obsessively preoccupied with all things sex-and gender-related, the announcement of an all-female film remake of Lord of the Flies should come as no surprise.  What was surprising was the fervent backlash Warner Brothers received upon breaking the news last week. Social media was instantly ablaze … Continued


Politics Trumps Sex at the MTV Video Music Awards

Sex isn’t as cool as it used to be. At least that’s one message one might glean from Sunday night’s surprisingly restrained MTV Video Music Awards. Miley Cyrus wasn’t twerking all over a teddy bear and Britney Spears wasn’t there to slither around half-naked with a snake or make out with Madonna as in previous … Continued


The Hypocrisy of Women-Only Screenings of ‘Wonder Woman’

Feminists care about sexism only when women are the victims. But when men endure the same, feminists cheer. And that’s precisely what they did this week. To celebrate the release of the new Wonder Woman movie, a theater in Austin organized a special girls-only screening. Loudly and proudly, corporate movie chain Alamo Drafthouse announced that … Continued


Is Porn OK If It’s Made by Women?

Women probably make better porn than men. But that doesn’t mean that anyone should embrace it. Erika Lust disagrees. The feminist filmmaker featured in the first episode of the new Netflix series, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, wants everyone to believe that if a woman is in charge, porn is suddenly a powerful, positive force … Continued