Chelsea Samelson is a freelance writer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is the owner of Moondough Bakery and a recent graduate of Hillsdale College.

The Hypocrisy of Women-Only Screenings of ‘Wonder Woman’

Feminists care about sexism only when women are the victims. But when men endure the same, feminists cheer. And that’s precisely what they did this week. To celebrate the release of the new Wonder Woman movie, a theater in Austin organized a special girls-only screening. Loudly and proudly, corporate movie chain Alamo Drafthouse announced that … Continued


Is Porn OK If It’s Made by Women?

Women probably make better porn than men. But that doesn’t mean that anyone should embrace it. Erika Lust disagrees. The feminist filmmaker featured in the first episode of the new Netflix series, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, wants everyone to believe that if a woman is in charge, porn is suddenly a powerful, positive force … Continued


Mean Girl Scarlett Johansson Thinks Attacking Other Women is Funny. It’s Not.

When a young girl deliberately mocks and demeans another young girl, she’s seen as bullying and jealous—a mean girl. If an adult woman does the same, she’s considered unkind and insecure. But when actress Scarlett Johansson deliberately mocks and demeans Ivanka Trump, she’s called hilarious and ingenious, instantly praised as a “wickedly funny” feminist. It’s … Continued

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Emma Watson Reveals Her Breasts – and the Problem with Feminism

Emma Watson is confused. Specifically, she’s confused as to why people are confused by her. She recently bared her breasts for Vanity Fair magazine, promptly sparking a firestorm of debate and heated accusations of hypocrisy. And poor Watson just doesn’t get it. As she said, “I’m confused . . . just kind of quietly stunned.” … Continued


Why Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary is Trolling Trump

Once upon a time, the dictionary was a dusty old tome that sat on a shelf and served one simple purpose: to define words. It was a noble book, neutral by nature, uncontroversial, and therefore trusted and respected by everyone. But all of that is changing. Thanks to Twitter and Trump, America’s dictionary, Merriam-Webster, has … Continued


Stop Calling Your Pets Your ‘Children’

In case you missed it, a video last week showed a miniature horse eating a bowl of carrots—from a high chair. A high chair. Yes, really. Some people were appalled, some were amused, some simply couldn’t believe that someone, somewhere put a horse in a high chair. But perhaps it shouldn’t be all that surprising—it might … Continued


First Lady Melania Trump Isn’t Miserable. She’s an Introvert

Poor Melania Trump—America’s new First Lady is miserable. At least that’s according to, well . . . just about everybody. For the past month, rumors keep popping up that Melania is down in the dumps, and it seems everyone has their own evidence to support this same sad conclusion. There was the Inauguration video clip … Continued


Why Karlie Kloss Was Accused of “Cultural Appropriation” in ‘Vogue’

Last week, Elizabethtown College Democrats handed out white puzzle piece pins to students as a way to remind them of their “white privilege.” Well, those students ought to send supermodel Karlie Kloss a whole suitcase full of those pins—although after the week she’s had, she probably already feels bad enough about being white. It all … Continued


The Problem with the P-Word

Well folks, that’s it. It’s all over—the election, the inauguration, the women’s march. Even the women’s march clean-up is over. The litter and glitter are gone, and the discarded banners and signs have found their home in the garbage (or, bizarrely, in museums). This week, trash trucks across America will be full of fifty shades … Continued


Can We Cool It With the Pregnancy Reveal Announcements?

It has long been said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But when you do have something nice to say, there are sometimes better and worse ways to say it. Say, for example, you have one of the nicest things of all to tell – that you’re … Continued