Carrie Lukas is the managing director of the Independent Women’s Forum. She and her husband live with their five children in Berlin.

Do Conservative Women Deserve Respect Too?

Nearly each day there is another revelation about a man who abused women (and girls, and boys) and took advantage of his powerful position. Abusers banked on people staying silent and tolerating their behavior. The good news is that these days seem to be coming to an end: Powerful men are surely taking note that … Continued


The Real Message Behind the Statue of a Naked Woman on the National Mall

Washington D.C., a city that welcomes close to twenty million tourists each year, may get a new one: A forty-five-foot statue of a naked woman may be coming from San Francisco to spend several months on the National Mall. The artist, Marco Cochrane, described his intentions in creating this work as follows: “These sculptures are … Continued


Miss America Goes Political, Like the Rest of the Culture

In most ways, the Miss America pageant seems like an anachronism—a leftover from a bygone era where women were showcased on a stage in a variety of costumes and explicitly judged on their beauty. Sure, they’ve worked to emphasize the talent portion of the contest, the contestants’ community service, the Miss America Organization’s role as … Continued


In Defense of High-Tech Parenting

Summer presents a lot of challenges for parents. Finding (and paying for!) childcare, keeping kids at least a little engaged in academics, and helping kids learn to grapple with boredom and entertain themselves are all on the list. Many people would also add controlling their kids’ access to technology: We don’t want our kids wasting … Continued


Maybe Our Public Officials Are Working ‘Too’ Hard

It doesn’t take much to start a tweet war, which is something that UN Ambassador Nikki Haley found out over the July Fourth holiday. Her tweet—Spending my 4th in meetings all day. #ThanksNorthKorea—set off a parade of angry rejoinders, pointing out how many other Americans, including soldiers, police officers and other emergency personnel, are working … Continued


Why Today’s Kids Are Over-Celebrated

This year, I’m as happy as my children are to have passed the last day of school and welcomed summer. I’m not alone: Even though summer brings new challenges, like finding childcare and paying for camps and extracurricular activities, most parents I talk to are as relieved as I am to put the rigors of … Continued


Why Emotionally Abusive Women Are Given a Pass in Pop Culture

Cultural commentary is usually interesting because it’s easy to relate to. Even if you don’t agree with the author’s conclusion or any soft political message, you recognize the scenes and situations that the writer describes. Yet as I read Karen Rinaldi’s article in Motto (an online project of Time), I thought she must live on … Continued