Carrie Lukas is the managing director of the Independent Women’s Forum. She and her husband live with their five children in Berlin.

Why Country Music Values are Better than Pop Music Nihilism

Even for those who don’t care much about music—like me—the songs we hear are an important element of the culture that surrounds us. In recent years, most of what I have heard has been dictated by my oldest, tween-age daughter. She’s programmed all the top 40 pop music stations into our van’s radio, so I’ve … Continued


Here’s to All the Men Who Help Women Reach the Finish Line

For all the downsides of social media, an upside is its ability to draw attention to otherwise overlooked stories of personal triumph and human kindness. You may very well have already seen this video of three runners participating in the “Love Run” half marathon in Philadelphia who stopped to help an exhausted woman cross the … Continued


Should Classrooms Eliminate Toys?

If you were told you were going to a second grade class party, you’d probably expect to hear the kids before you ever entered the room. There would be laughter, kids talking loudly, and a lot of horsing around. If there weren’t organized party activities, you’d expect kids to be playing. Depending on what’s around, … Continued


Looking for Misogyny in the All the Wrong Places

The Guardian’s Jessica Valenti—author of several books including Sex Object and Full Frontal Feminism—recently tweeted her latest complaint: My favorite, though, is when men will only direct questions & conversation at my husband (this happens w/’progressive’ guys too) — Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) March 17, 2017 It’s nice that she notes that it’s not only knuckle-dragging … Continued


Women Don’t Need to Be “Brawny” to Earn Praise

Parents raising daughters in the age of “grrl power” face a lot of questions. Having never experienced any inkling of discrimination themselves—in fact, hearing only explicit cheerleading about all that girls can accomplished, often laced with the implication that they are more capable than their brothers and male peers—young women are surprised to learn that … Continued


Don’t Define Your Neighbors by the Fringe

People hoped that after the election, political tensions would recede. You’d be able to return to your social media feed to see baby pictures, funny jokes, and what your friends are having for dinner, without having to brace for political warfare. While that’s happened a little bit and politics isn’t as front-and-center as it was … Continued


Audi’s Super Bowl Commercial Sends a Misleading Message to Girls—& America

Luxury car maker Audi wants consumers to associate its brand with high-minded concepts like equality, fairness, aspiration, and progress. The company’s marketing department must have determined that people able to afford their cars (which start at $34,900) want their purchase to signal not just wealth, but also that they believe in these virtues. That’s why … Continued


Progressive Sexism

Those who had warned about an uptick in sexism under President Trump may have been on to something. As the era of Trump dawns, some women already are being singled out for criticism and scorn that is tinged with sexist assumptions and seems intended to force them back into roles that society decrees are a … Continued


The Women’s March and the March of Time

For many, the unthinkable has happened: Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States. If you took seriously the doomsday predictions from many celebrities and leftist activists, you might have expected your world to be profoundly different today with President Trump at the helm instead of President Obama. This sense of fear and … Continued