Was Hugh Hefner a Lecher or a Visionary? Both.

The much-publicized death of Hugh Hefner on September 27 turned the ninety-one-year-old founder of Playboy magazine from a nearly forgotten pajama-clad oddity into a cultural force—but a force for good or ill? In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Camille Paglia declared that Hefner and the men’s magazine he started in 1953 had “absolutely revolutionized … Continued


Now, Even Dr. Seuss is Politically Incorrect

On September 26, Liz Phipps Soeiro, school librarian at the Cambridgeport Elementary School in upscale Cambridge, Mass., wrote a “thank-you” letter to First Lady Melania Trump for a gift of ten Dr. Seuss books Melania had made to the school in honor of Read a Book Day. The letter would make Miss Manners blanch. It … Continued


Darren Aronofsky and the Dangers of Pretentious Allegory

Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, Mother!, released on September 13, has been loathed by nearly all the critics. “[T]wo hours of pretentious twaddle,” was the kindest phrase in New York Observer movie guru Rex Reed’s scathing assessment of Aronofsky’s symbolism-overloaded phantasmagoric horror-yarn about a pregnant young wife (Jennifer Lawrence) and her ego-devoured poet-husband (Javier Bardem). Reed … Continued


How Title IX Campus Sexual Assault Policies Undermine Women’s Autonomy

On January 2 of this year, twenty-two-year-old University of Southern California placekicker Matt Boermeester made the field goal in the final second of the game that handed USC a 52-49 victory in the Rose Bowl over Pennsylvania State University. On January 26, Boermeester was escorted off the USC campus by university security, banned from classes … Continued


Why the Liberal Media Scolded the Cajun Navy Instead of Thanking Them

The “Cajun Navy“—the volunteer flotilla of hundreds of sport fishermen and duck hunters from the Louisiana bayous (plus a whole lot of Texans) who towed their bass boats and other shallow-water craft to Houston to help rescue stranded flood victims—had to be one of the most beautiful stories to arise from the devastation of Hurricane … Continued


Finally, ‘Atomic Blonde’ Gives Us a Female Lead Who Isn’t Trying to be ‘Empowering’

Lorraine Broughton, the smoking, drinking, stiletto-heeled, sailor-mouthed MI6 agent that Charlize Theron plays in Atomic Blonde is not a role model. And that’s what makes this female-centric action movie so vastly entertaining. Broughton, for example, is no Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), the “heroine the world needs right now” (Wired’s language) of The Hunger Games franchise: … Continued


The Body Positivity Movement is Wrong. Not Every Woman Looks Great in a Bikini

It’s summer—which means it’s the season for women who look terrible in bikinis to flood the Internet with photos of themselves wearing bikinis and looking terrible. Case in point: Fifty-nine-year-old former British Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman’s now-famous August 9th vacation selfie featuring, well, plenty of Alexandra Schulman’s skin. She looked the way most women look … Continued


Why Women (and Men) Prefer to Have a Male Boss

Finally, an article in the Atlantic comes out and says it: Women generally can’t stand working for other women. For the past few years, at least as the mainstream media would have it, it was supposed to be a “myth” that women bosses made life more difficult for their subordinates than male bosses, or that … Continued