Social Justice Warriors Want Women to Ditch Their High Heels

First they came for the stilettos…. Just before Christmas the media were agog with an allegedly brand-new trend: women throwing away their high heels in the wake of the flurry of revelations of entertainment-industry sexual harassment. The idea wasn’t simply that women can run faster to escape from Hollywood predators if they’re wearing Allbirds Wool … Continued


Why are Feminists So Eager to Criticize Other Women?

First-wave feminism was about getting women the vote. Second-wave feminism was about getting women out of their homes and into the job market, whether they liked it or not—and also about getting them out of their marriages, or maybe out of marriage altogether, as what could be a more soul-killing patriarchal institution? Third-wave feminism was … Continued


Understanding the Collective Freak-Out Over Melania Trump’s White House Christmas Decorations

The holidays are the season for high-caloric treats—and so far there’s been nothing so high-caloric as the Christmas pudding of fruity overblown rhetoric from the media mavens horrified over First Lady Melania Trump’s White House Yule decorations. No sooner did Melania unveil her winter wonderland with a videotaped walk-through than press people began scrounging every … Continued


‘Lady Bird’ and the Power of Place

Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig’s coming-of-age film set in Sacramento, California, is dazzling audiences as much as it’s dazzled critics. Despite its limited release four weeks ago in arty theaters, it’s still among the top ten films for domestic box office, grossing more than $17 million to date. And for good reason: It’s a lovely movie. … Continued


Good Riddance to ‘Teen Vogue’

Just a little more than year ago, Teen Vogue, little sister to the grown-up fashion magazine Vogue, got woke—to wild cheering from the rest of the media. Under a brand-new editor, Elaine Welteroth, then aged twenty-nine, Teen Vogue started to add to its mix of celebrity gossip and style and makeup tips for adolescent girls … Continued


How Hollywood Ruined Jo Nesbo’s ‘Snowman’

The Snowman, Swedish director Tomas Alfredson’s Hollywood adaptation of Norwegian mystery novelist Jo Nesbo’s 2007 serial-murder thriller of the same name, is just as awful a movie as all the critics have said it is (“dreary as a Nordic winter and almost as long”). By the time I saw the film on November 2, at … Continued


Sex Addiction, #MeToo, and Open Secrets

The Harvey Weinstein “Perv-gate” scandal, now nearly a month old, has gone from the sordid to the ridiculous and back again. The latest—and surely one of the most revolting of all the allegations of Hollywood- and media-linked sexual improprieties—has been forty-six-year-old actor Anthony Rapp’s statement that just-terminated House of Cards star Kevin Spacey had thrown … Continued


Power Poses, Shoddy Social Science, and Sexism

Amy Cuddy is a victim of mean men. That’s the theme of a New York Times magazine story about Cuddy, the inventor of the theory of the “power pose.” Cuddy’s theory was that holding a couple of space-filling bodily positions (feet apart, arms akimbo) just before, say, a job interview, could help you get the … Continued