Bethany Mandel is a writer on politics and culture and a stay-at-home mom to two under two in New Jersey.

Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood Whataboutism

Hollywood has evidently decided that the appropriate way to deal with the black eye that is producer Harvey Weinstein is with an eraser. That’s right. An industry blog, Deadline, reports that his company, The Weinstein Company, is looking to erase Weinstein’s name from the credits of movies and television shows he produced, and the Company … Continued


What You Can Do After a National Tragedy

In the wake of a national tragedy on the scale of the shooting in Las Vegas, it can be incredibly disheartening to see just how fast Americans can churn out political statements, vitriol, and any other manner of unhelpful responses. After events like this mass shooting, we are left to feel angry, helpless, and grieving. … Continued


The NFL is Playing – Right into Trump’s Hands

This past weekend, Americans tuning in to watch football were met with even more politicization of their sport than last year. In response to tweets from the President, about kneeling or locking arms during the anthem, If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see … Continued


How I Escaped the Mommy Wars

With my first baby, motherhood came fairly easily. After a bit of a rough start breastfeeding, I got back on track with the help of a wonderful lactation consultant. My daughter was an easy eater, sleeper, teether, you name it. So naturally, I got a bit cocky. I thought about how much some of my … Continued


Why Don’t We Ever Talk About Older Fathers?

Americans aren’t having babies anymore, and we’re not alone. Few countries in the Western world are reaching replacement rate, and when they come close it’s thanks to immigrant populations having more than the 2.1 children necessary for the population to remain steady, let alone grow. The situation in countries like Japan is so dire, social … Continued


Yes, You Have a Smartphone Habit. Here’s How to Break It.

When I started to become an observant Orthodox Jew seven years ago, I came to realize the depth of my dependency on technology. There are many rules observant Orthodox Jews follow, but one of the most difficult relates to technology. On the Jewish Sabbath, a twenty-five-hour time period between Friday night and Saturday night, technology … Continued