Bethany Mandel is a writer on politics and culture and a stay-at-home mom to two under two in New Jersey.

Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Good Divorce?’ Hollywood Thinks So.

Given the fact that everyone in Hollywood eventually gets divorced (or so it seems), celebrities like to think they’re getting quite good at it. Ever the trendsetters, there’s a new “best way” to get divorced for parents in Tinseltown, with every couple working to show just how cool they can be while dissolving their union. … Continued


The Passover Diet

As any Jewish parent can attest, Passover is hard. Preparing for the holiday involves spring cleaning on steroids. Orthodox families not only keep their kitchens clean, but either cover countertops in foil or pour boiling water over them as part of the koshering process. For eight days, eating anything leavened such as breads, pastas, or … Continued


Why is Chicago Holding High School Graduates Hostage to Government Whims?

During my first job interview after college, my interviewer asked, “What did you learn in college that can best translate to working here?” My answer: “Waitressing.” As a history and Jewish studies major, studying and writing papers on topics as varied as early African history to early Islam to the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict … Continued


Slouching Towards Leggings Gomorrah

If you blinked, you might have missed it. Last Sunday, the nation’s latest outrage began as they often do: someone with a large Twitter following tweeted something without having all of the facts. Shannon Watts, the founder of the anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action, observed some preteen girls who were denied boarding their United Airlines … Continued

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The Left is Now Attacking Trump’s Unborn Grandchildren

A thought experiment that doesn’t even have to be a thought experiment: What would the press and public response be to an open attack on one of the Obama daughters or Clinton grandchildren look like? Thanks to the media feeding frenzy over the former and a total lack of any public figure ever taking aim … Continued


How “The Big Bang Theory” Solved the Wage Gap

In one of the greatest ironies of American cultural life, one of the only industries in which there exists an egregious and inexplicable wage gap is the uber-liberal entertainment industry. Thanks to whomever hacked Sony Pictures, it’s clear the problem affects both on-screen talent as well as staff members. There have been a great number … Continued

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Stop Ashton Kutcher Before He Testifies Again!

Would you go to a real estate agent for medical advice or to a doctor to sell your home? Why is it, then, that politicians on Capitol Hill continue to turn to Hollywood celebrities to testify about topics outside of their expertise as filmmakers and stars? The list of celebrities who have appeared in front … Continued


Why the Mainstream Media Can’t Quit Obsessing About the 2016 Election

Earlier this week, CNN aired a debate between far-left Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and conservative Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on the topic of healthcare. During a dead timeslot for the network, the ratings proved to be a nice boost, especially considering the drop that most news networks are experiencing now that the election … Continued