Bryan Dik, PhD, is associate professor of psychology at Colorado State University and cofounder and chief science officer of jobZology. He conducts research in the area of career development, and is coauthor of Make Your Job a Calling and coeditor of Psychology of Religion and Workplace Spirituality and Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace. Bryan contributes to the Vocation Vocation Vocation blog for Psychology Today, and is a former music writer. He and his wife and four young sons live in Fort Collins, Colorado.

For the Williams Sisters, Sibling Rivalry Yields to Sisterly Love

For tennis fans, this past weekend’s Australian Open finals offered two dream matchups: throwback pairings between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the men’s final, and between Venus and Serena Williams in the women’s final. It was the women’s match that really captured my attention. I can’t say that I’ve ever been a hard-core tennis … Continued

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Are Colleges Giving Good Career Advice?

Do U.S. colleges provide students what they need to build successful careers?  According to an article in a recent issue of The Atlantic, maybe not. Citing the results of a recent Gallup-Purdue Index study suggesting that just one in six college graduates in the U.S. found their Career Services office to be “very helpful,” the … Continued


The Significance of Your #FirstSevenJobs

As far as hashtag memes go, #Firstsevenjobs and its derivatives (#first7jobs, #1st7jobs, etc.) is, to me, a fascinating one. I’m hard pressed to find another way to convey as much formative biographical information as is contained in a simple listing of one’s first seven jobs. Of course, I study career development for a living, so … Continued


The “Maker” Movement Finds Religion

Among the handful of magazines that reach my mailbox every month are Fast Company and Christianity Today. This month I opened up the latter and thought I was reading the former. I am referring to “The Makers,” the cover story for the July/August issue of CT, which highlights twenty Christian “business leaders, artists, and nonprofit … Continued


Jim Gaffigan’s Calling

A few days ago a friend e-mailed me a link to the season premiere of The Jim Gaffigan Show, with the episode titled, “The Calling.” “Would love to know your thoughts,” he wrote. Having taken a master class for professional coaches that I taught last fall (called “Make Your Job a Calling”), he knows I … Continued

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How Can You Find Your Calling?

What does work mean to people? This question drove oral historian Studs Terkel to record candid interviews with workers from all walks of life, the product of which was his most famous book, Working. Written before the dawn of the Information Age, the book is a portrait of a time when agricultural and manufacturing work … Continued


‘Downton Abbey’ and Purposeful Work

Downton Abbey attracted a massive following for many reasons—gripping plotlines, extraordinary character development, the window it opened into a fascinating place and time. The show explored themes that are just as poignant today as they were in the early 20th century, like the inevitable (but complicated) drumbeat of progress, the experience of alienation and belonging … Continued

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Barefoot Contessa, Career Counselor?

Conventional wisdom on wise career decision-making is to start by setting some goals. We tend to imagine that the most successful people are extremely goal-directed, setting their sights on something and then doing everything in their power to achieve it. Why? Because “if you don’t know where you’re going,” says the book title by legendary … Continued

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