Father John Misty, Taylor Swift, and the Internet Outrage Machine

If you recently Googled the phrase “Taylor Swift virtual reality sex” (or some variation thereof), you may have come across reporting on a “scandal” that embodies just about everything that is wrong with our culture. Here’s what happened. Josh Tillman (aka Father John Misty), an oft-bearded musician beloved by hipsters, performed a song from his … Continued

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Do Millennials Really Think Feminism Has Changed Dating for the Better?

Millennials. We might not vote in elections, but at least we have “woke” attitudes toward social conventions such as dating. Or do we? There’s a new survey circulating which, according to USA Today, shows most single people today believe “feminism has changed dating for the better.” But I’m not sure that’s what the survey, conducted … Continued


Why OkCupid’s Trump Filter is Bad for Romance

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, the online dating website OkCupid introduced new features designed to help users “connect on a deeper level.” The changes include a new category of questions for users to answer, which in turn gives potential matches a better understanding of their personalities and—most crucially —their political beliefs. OkCupid users can … Continued


Marrying Yourself is Now a Thing

Suppose you are scripting a “millennial” character for a satirical novel or screenplay. You’d probably give them a name like Harper Stone Evans-Jubilee, and try to come up with a job description that would embody the navel-gazing decadence of her generation. Maybe you’d come up with something like “self-wedding planner,” before quickly scrapping the idea. … Continued


Get Ready for Celebrities to Start Making Fun of POTUS Again

Daily Show host Trevor Noah interviewed President Obama on Monday night’s episode. The ratings-challenged show promoted the president’s appearance on social media, for obvious reasons. Monday at 11/10c! pic.twitter.com/H4vSFxjcmX — The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) December 11, 2016   You can kind of get a sense for how the interview is going to go. tfw President … Continued


Sorry, Millennials. Monogamy is Not a “Spectrum”

You have probably noticed there are certain activities—or “lifestyles,” if you insist—that tend to produce an excessive amount of insufferable disciples who tend to ruin social encounters by refusing to shut up about it. They are vegetarians, vegans, marathon runners, cross fitters, socialists, libertarians, Silicon Valley bros, and people who pretend to know things about … Continued


A Brief History of Bro Culture

What is a “bro,” exactly? The word is everywhere. It seems as though people have started tacking “bro” onto other words almost at random. You have frat bros, lax bros, and sailor bros, obviously. There’s also chill bros, fencing bros, beach bros, surfer bros, poker bros, yoga bros, tweed bros, Brooklyn bros, biker bros, hiker … Continued


Racially Segregated Housing, Sex Bans, and Speech Codes: Welcome to College!

You might not have noticed with all the yelling and childish behavior going on in the presidential election these last few weeks, but college students are back on campus for another semester. Let us hope they have recovered from whatever problematic assaults were visited upon their sensibilities while existing for an entire summer outside the … Continued