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‘Wonder Woman’ Underestimates Wonder

I am thrilled my younger sister finally got to see a female-led superhero film, one starring the most iconic superheroine in all of comics. Wonder Woman succeeds brilliantly as a course-correction for DC’s cinematic universe, giving us a hopeful and heroic protagonist instead of the travesties of Batman and Superman previously seen on screen. Yet … Continued


The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Grapple with God

Marvel’s most charming crew of rogues and reprobates return in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, and director James Gunn manages to make the sequel even better than the first volume. This comic space opera has style to spare, and tells an emotionally resonant story about the complexity and necessity of family. Despite the frequent … Continued


‘Logan’ and the Challenges of Fatherhood

Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for seventeen years and nine films, longer than his young co-star Dafne Keen has been alive. In Logan, his R-rated and final ride as the adamantium-clawed mutant, Jackman embraces his age and experience to play a grizzled, broken-down Wolverine, a man of violence who has lost his way—until a … Continued

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The Unheralded Virtues of ‘Fantastic Beasts’

With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, director David Yates and Harry Potter scribe J. K. Rowling welcome us back into the Wizarding World—and this time, they let a Muggle like us play a main character. Fantastic Beasts stars waifish magizoologist Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) but the show is stolen by magic-less interloper Jacob … Continued

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The Twisted Genius of Jack Chick

The comic book world lost a mad master of the form last Sunday. Tributes to him on comic book sites have been mixed in tone. One reads, “Of all the many masterful artists that we’ve covered on ComicsAlliance, it seems safe to say that Jack T. Chick is the only one to regularly be described … Continued


‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ and the Power of Compassion

Kubo and the Two Strings, the latest concoction from Laika Studios, will blow you away with its gorgeous stop-motion animation. But it will also inspire you with its compassionate story. The movie weaves a rollicking adventure yarn, but it also subverts the expected ending of a hero slaying a monster. Instead, true victory in the … Continued

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‘Pete’s Dragon’ and the Power of Faith

It’s an impressive feat. Director David Lowery filmed a live-action remake of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon cartoon, and the finished product stands on its own as a sweet and sincere tale of childhood, imagination, and faith. There’s a kindness and warmth that suffuses the whole movie—much as the tremulous touch of the lost child Pete magically … Continued

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New ‘X-Men’ Movie Isn’t About Apocalypse. It’s About Faith.

It’s called X-Men: Apocalypse, but the re-awoken wannabe mutant god Apocalypse, played by a nearly unrecognizable Oscar Isaac, is the least interesting part of this new installment in the movie franchise. The movie’s creators should have gone with X-Men: Apotheosis, because the film represents the full flowering of comic book storytelling in movie form, and … Continued

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What Happens When Our Superheroes Lack Honor and Humanity?

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a superhero movie for people who don’t believe in heroism. Moreover, it is a movie that tries to build a cinematic superhero universe, but one inhabited by no superheroes. The characters in this film named “Batman” and “Superman” are cynical deconstructions of the comic book heroes whose names … Continued

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