The Book that Taught Me the Virtue of Sitting Still

As we get ready to head back to school, Acculturated is reevaluating some of the “classic” books routinely assigned to children to read during the school year.  Do they still deserve to be granted the label of “classics”?  Are there better books kids could be reading?  And what ideological and cultural messages are these books … Continued


A Touch of Class from Sydney Seau

When The New York Times team hit the play button in a nondescript hotel room in Canton, Ohio, I wonder if they had any idea what was coming. They were there to record Sydney Seau, the 21-year-old daughter of Junior Seau, the legendary linebacker for the San Diego Chargers (he also played for the Miami … Continued

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Why is Tom Brady Still Fighting the NFL?

He’s the reigning Super Bowl MVP, with four Super Bowl championship rings in his collection. His team holds the longest consecutive win streak in NFL history. He has a three-year, $27 million contract with the Patriots. This means in the 2015 season he’ll make a base salary of $8 million, with a signing bonus of … Continued

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What the Women’s World Cup Win Shows Us about Leadership

Sunday night’s Women’s World Cup Final was one of the more decisive wins in women’s soccer history. Pummeling Japan 5-2, the U.S. finally recaptured the international title after a sixteen-year drought (including a bitter penalty kick loss to Japan in 2011). As the confetti flies and teenage girls don pre-wrap headbands, it would be tempting … Continued

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