Why Christmas Music is Good For Us

The song “All I Want for Christmas is You” is everywhere this time of year. It plays constantly on the radio, in stores and malls across the country, and no doubt serves as the soundtrack of the dreams (or nightmares) of those poor store workers who are forced to listen to it dozens of times … Continued


Why ‘Elf’ is a Terrible Christmas Movie

I hold a lot of controversial pop culture opinions. I think Friends is unfunny, Beyoncé is vastly overrated, and The Force Awakens is the best Star Wars installment. I am completely prepared to defend every one of these views—come at me Star Wars nerds, I dare you—but my thoughts on pop culture rarely have an … Continued


‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Glorifies Revenge, Not Justice

At the moment, I am extremely annoyed with Agatha Christie. I am a lifelong fan of the mystery genre, an appreciation that began with watching Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? every day after kindergarten. From there I read through the Encyclopedia Brown stories and the Nancy Drew novels, and even decided to tackle the entirety of … Continued


The Bleak Morality of ‘Blade Runner 2049’

I went to see Blade Runner 2049, last weekend, and three hours after I walked into the theater—yeah, you read that right, THREE hours—I walked out a bit deafer thanks to the gratuitously loud soundtrack and slightly unsettled from what I’d just seen. If the year 2049 is even remotely like the film, then we … Continued


The N-Word and the Triumph of Vulgarity

For the second time in the past month, a video of a group of white girls shouting the N-word made the rounds on the internet. The first was uploaded a few weeks ago, and showed a sorority at the University of New Hampshire singing along to a rather obscene rap song which included the slur … Continued


Why Celebrities Have a Problem With Monogamy

If I were Dax Shepard I might be a bit worried right now. His wife, Kristen Bell, of Frozen fame, recently said in an interview, “I’m quite positive we are not meant to be monogamous.” Yikes. She went on to say that her point was that monogamous relationships are hard because they require “a lot … Continued


‘Seinfeld’ Reminds Us that Clothes Make the Man

There have been a lot of great lines about fashion over the years. Designers, actors, and even stylish athletes have offered aphoristic advice on how to dress well. Edith Head, who with eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design knows a thing or two about fashion, remarked, “You can have anything you want if you … Continued


What ‘Willy Wonka’ Taught Me About Being Well-Read

Many of my fellow college students enjoyed one last wild beach trip over Labor Day weekend. My holiday weekend, on the other hand, consisted of a bit less beach—ok, no beach—fewer parties—fine, zero parties—but much more Gene Wilder. So who really had the better time? Between U.S. Open tennis matches, I was able to re-watch … Continued