Why Michael Keaton is Still the Best Batman

Exactly 25 years ago this week, moviegoers flocked to the premiere of one of the best Batman movie ever made, Batman Returns, starring—WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL OPINON ALERT—the best actor to don the Bat-suit, Michael Keaton. Though I’ve never read any comic books I’ve always been a fan of comic book films, particularly Batman movies, and grew … Continued


The Nihilism of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

There are many, many things wrong with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It has a meandering plot, too many characters, and a near fatal dose of storyline clichés. The movie attempts to revitalize the beleaguered movie franchise by ripping off the successful new Star Wars films—latest sequel in a franchise, CGI … Continued


Is Chance the Rapper a Poet?

The idea that rappers are the modern poets, the Shakespeares, Tennysons, and Keats of our age, has been pushed for a while. This writer at The Daily Beast seems to think it’s true. So does Jay-Z. And this Oxford professor. But just because both rhyme doesn’t mean rap and poetry are the same thing, and … Continued


‘Wonder Woman’’s Rebuke to Slacktivism

Good heroes reflect the ideals of their time. Great heroes raise those ideals to another level. It’s unusual to find a film with a protagonist who fits into the latter category today, but D.C. Comic’s latest outing, Wonder Woman, manages to give us one, while also giving us the best film in the D.C. extended … Continued


Don’t Be a Valentine’s Day Hater

I’m not one for remembering dates. For years, I could never remember if my older sister’s birthday was on March 5th or 7th. To play it safe, I’d just alternate my answer whenever I was asked, knowing I always had a 50/50 shot. Somehow I still managed to pick the wrong one most of the … Continued


What Millennials Could Learn from Cary Grant

While the world ponders the brutal legacy of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who died over the weekend, it’s worth recalling a very different sort of man, one who died thirty years ago today. The New York Times featured an article on the 29th of November, 1986, about something that was never supposed to happen: the … Continued