Don’t Be a Valentine’s Day Hater

I’m not one for remembering dates. For years, I could never remember if my older sister’s birthday was on March 5th or 7th. To play it safe, I’d just alternate my answer whenever I was asked, knowing I always had a 50/50 shot. Somehow I still managed to pick the wrong one most of the … Continued


What Millennials Could Learn from Cary Grant

While the world ponders the brutal legacy of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who died over the weekend, it’s worth recalling a very different sort of man, one who died thirty years ago today. The New York Times featured an article on the 29th of November, 1986, about something that was never supposed to happen: the … Continued


Chrissy Teigen, Cyberbully

“Chrissy Teigen Engages in Cyberbullying” That’s what the headline for this Buzzfeed article should read. Instead, it’s titled “Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down Trolls Who Complain About Her Swearing.” For those of you who don’t know who Chrissy Teigen is (which, until very recently, included me), she’s a model and the wife of musician John Legend. … Continued


Why We Should Leave Taylor Swift Alone

Forget blue collar white voters. Some liberals have discovered who’s really to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss: Taylor Swift. That’s right! Taylor Swift. The pop star is being criticized for her silence on the presidential election, with some calling into question her feminist credentials. According to their logic, Swift should have used her sway with … Continued


What ‘Doctor Strange’ Teaches Us About Respect for Tradition

Like every other Benedict Cumberbatch fan out there, I recently saw Doctor Strange, the Marvel movie in which he plays the titular sorcerer. While it was weird hearing Cumberbatch speak in an American accent, the movie was, overall, pretty amazing. The casting was wonderful, the storyline was interesting, and the special effects psychedelic. The story … Continued

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In Praise of Wimbledon’s (and Others’) Dress Codes

A larger portion of my closet than I care to admit is taken up by shirts, shoes, and hats emblazoned with Roger Federer’s “RF” logo. Over the years, I’ve put together quite the collection, and naturally, I do have some favorites, namely Federer’s 2014 Wimbledon shirt and his 2012 Wimbledon shoes. They are my favorite … Continued

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Why Donald Trump is Pierce from ‘Community’

As a cure for the writer’s block I was experiencing the other day, I flipped on the TV and was soon fully ensconced in a rerun of one of my favorite shows, when I suddenly realized: Pierce Hawthorne is Donald Trump. Let me back up. I was watching Community, the hit show (whose run ended … Continued


The Latest Hot Rentals on Airbnb? College Dorm Rooms

Years after graduation many adults find themselves longing for their college years, reminiscing about the basketball games, the parties, and the late dorm nights. For those out there who want to relive those youthful experiences, some college students are now offering the opportunity to stay in their dorm rooms . . . for a price. … Continued


“Higher Ed for Bernie” Means Less Tolerance for Students

Recently, approximately four hundred members of academia publicly declared their support for Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, forming a group called Higher Ed for Bernie. These professors argue that Sanders is the only candidate on either side of the aisle that has a serious proposal for higher education. As a college student I am … Continued

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