Feminists Angry that Wonder Woman . . . Shaves?

When we think of super heroes, there are probably several who come to mind. There are the old standards like Superman and Batman as well as newer heroes like Iron Man and The Hulk. What do all of these have in common, though? They’re men. That’s OK, but it’s still fun to see a strong … Continued

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The Challenges of Dating While Conservative

In 2017, dating can feel like navigating a wasteland, especially for the conservative. Single conservatives are often asked, “Would you be willing to date a liberal?” For most of the conservatives I know, that’s a difficult question. It’s certainly easier to be with someone whose values align with our own, but we would be open … Continued


The Politics of Second Chances

America loves a comeback. We love to see someone overcome their circumstances and prevail, whether it is a win in sports or a complete change in life. However, a second chance is something that must be earned; a person should show that they are worthy of a second chance before it is given, or one … Continued


The Return of the Privilege Police

Before we begin, I’m going to have to ask you to check your privilege as a literate person. Checked? Ok, we can continue. It seems impossible these days to discuss any issue without being asked to check your privilege. Heaven forbid you have an opinion about something that has nothing to do with race; the … Continued


Princeton’s Surreal “Diversity Training” for Students

We live in the age of inclusion where we are to be welcomed and treated equally, but, paradoxically, we are all to be labeled clearly so that everyone knows what status we may embody. Take college campuses, the incubator of liberalism gone amok. So-called “diversity training” has attempted to make students painfully aware of all … Continued