A Hamilton Hanukkah: Forthright America at its Finest

During the time of year when religious beliefs and traditions inevitably seem to be watered down in order to make them more palatable and politically correct—Christmas is about being nice to others and Hanukkah is about lights—it’s nice to see that some people are still willing to celebrate the particulars of their faith. If you … Continued


Why These Kids Chose Gifts for Their Parents (Rather than Themselves)

How do we teach our children that it is better to give than to receive? Some kids already seem to know. In a video produced by UPtv with Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Clubs—83 percent of whom come from low-income families—interviewers asked kids what they wanted for Christmas and what their parents wanted for Christmas. … Continued


Is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Gay?

It’s bad enough that Halloween has been ruined by overzealous monitors of political correctness, but now even cherished Christmas movies from childhood are being mined for social justice themes. Case in point: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the 1964 television classic which a writer for New York magazine claims is chock full of hidden gay themes. After … Continued


Why Mozart is More Popular than Drake

Poor, misunderstood, meme-friendly Drake. Even though he’s counted among the “sensitive bros” whom Billboard magazine noted are currently topping the music charts (along with Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Lukas Graham, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and even a “Sorry”-singing Justin Bieber) he couldn’t quite synch the top spot for CD sales this year. No, that honor … Continued


Something Borrowed, Something … Beluga?

There could be an entire corner of the Internet devoted solely to the misguided people who take animal selfies. There’s Shark Bro, seal selfies, and countless other examples of people wittingly turning themselves into bear bait to get that perfect photo to post to Instagram. Why anyone would need a warning against taking a “tiger selfie” … Continued


How Fiona Apple Stole Christmas

Remember Fiona Apple? She was a late-1990s alt-rock heroine who has continued recording and touring sporadically over the years (she once infamously canceled part of her tour because her dog was sick). Well, she’s back—just in time to spoil the holidays with a little narcissistic political posturing. According to New York magazine, a weird video has … Continued


Cinderella’s C-Section

Just when you thought that it was safe to enjoy Disney Princesses without having to “problematize” their heteronormativity, or white privilege, or eagerness to curry favor with the patriarchy, or inability to be “woke”, here comes artist Isaiah Stephens with yet another way to ruin childhood by turning Disney princesses into stressed out parents. Yes, … Continued


Man Punches Kangaroo, Internet Goes Wild

Viral videos are usually more likely to be of the “Man Bites Dog” variety, but a video taken last summer in Australia that recently went viral features a dramatic interaction with slightly more exotic wildlife: a kangaroo. The video shows zookeeper Greg Tokeins, who was on a wild boar hunt with friends in Condobolin, rushing … Continued


The Big Picture Purpose Contest — Enter Now

As another year comes to a close, many people will make New Year’s resolutions, setting out goals they hope to achieve in 2017 (lose weight, stop binge-watching, learn a foreign language, etc). Rather than limit yourself to pursuing goals in the immediate future, however, why not take the time to figure out what your larger … Continued


Thank God for Kenny G

As Washington DC prepares for a presidential inauguration in January (and AirBnB attempts to remain politically neutral so Trump supporters will use its services), we face a holiday season marked by continued partisan acrimony in the form of lawsuits demanding vote recounts in some states and angry relatives still fighting about who should have been … Continued