All Hail the News Feed Eradicator!

Ever wonder how much time you waste on Facebook? (Hint: Too much). For those who despair of weaning themselves from the constant flow of information on social media, there is a solution: the News Feed Eradicator, which “removes your news feed and live ticker and replaces it with an inspirational quote,” according to its creators. … Continued


Puppy Agitprop

We know we live in fractured times, but has it really come to this? One of the world’s cutest Twitter handles, @EmergencyPuppy, which used to offer frequent doses of adorable puppy to help you get through the day, has decided to become yet another liberal cliché in the Trump Era. New York magazine quoted the … Continued


After the Swearing-In, President Trump Should Swear Off Twitter

The Associated Press reports that someone on the Trump transition team finally succeeded in taking away the soon-to-be 45th President’s mobile phone. What they did not do, evidently, is take away his Twitter account. And that’s a shame, since although Trump clearly relishes Twitter combat (earlier in the week he made the mistake of responding to … Continued


Teach Your Children Well — Except if it’s How to Spell

Of all the questionable uses for Twitter these days, one would think that a bit of gentle humor by a school administrator wouldn’t be cause for alarm. But evidently in Frederick County, Maryland, tweeting a joke at a student is enough to get oneself fired, as “Web Experience Coordinator” Katie Nash found out the hard … Continued


These Librarians are Heroes

At a time when the term “slacktivism” often defines social movements, and protest means ticking a box on someone’s online petition, it’s worth pausing to celebrate some good old-fashioned civil disobedience. For those of you too busy playing Candy Crush on your smartphones to notice, public libraries around the world are struggling to survive in an … Continued


Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions to Yourself, Mark Zuckerberg

Making (and keeping) New Year’s resolutions is always a fraught affair. Every year, dozens of websites and magazines offer tips on how to keep the ones you make. Technology companies eagerly serve up a buffet of gadgets and self-trackers that promise to keep you honest about that resolution to walk more, eat less, or otherwise … Continued


Amazon Echo: Personal Assistant, Streaming Service, Tattle-Tale?

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy that Amazon Echo you received for Christmas, news appears revealing that your trusty new personal assistant gadget might rat you out to the cops. Yes, an Amazon Echo has been seized by police in Bentonville, Arkansas, and a subpoena issued to Amazon for the voice recordings … Continued


The Hulford Quads Squad Goals Might Need Improvement

“Hi, we’re the Hulford Quads. We’re in 8th grade. Technology is the only thing that entertains us.” So begins Microsoft’s now ubiquitous commercial for its new tablet. The four adolescent girls, who seem lovely and sweet, tell you about all the features of the new device. But parents should listen closely to the message they … Continued


A Hamilton Hanukkah: Forthright America at its Finest

During the time of year when religious beliefs and traditions inevitably seem to be watered down in order to make them more palatable and politically correct—Christmas is about being nice to others and Hanukkah is about lights—it’s nice to see that some people are still willing to celebrate the particulars of their faith. If you … Continued