At Acculturated we reserve the right, at the discretion of the editors, to monitor comments. Infractions include, but are not limited to, the use of the following:

  • Obscenities and vulgarities, even using various symbols for letters, or shorthand (e.g., text messaging abbreviations).
  • Personal attacks on an individual, group, or class.
  • Spam, advertising, or off-topic comments. This can include posting a link to a website (even if it’s non-commercial) that doesn’t relate to the post.
  • Copyright violations or plagiarism.
  • All caps. Online, it’s yelling.
  • Defamatory, gossipy, or rude comments.
  • Misinformation, particularly if it appears intentional or is a recurring problem.

These examples are illustrative, not exhaustive. We hope you can find a way to appropriately comment on our site–we welcome feedback!