Dartmouth, Hazing, and Animal House, Part II

So Rolling Stone seriously overbid on this article that they just published about Dartmouth College and hazing, which covers the fratty shenanigans of the serial-complainer and bro-turned-whistle-blower Andrew Lohse (who I wrote about here). To give you a sense of the kind of kid Lohse is, all you have to know is that he is … Continued


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Is Angelina Jolie Surprised by Her Effect on Culture?–Time Masculine, Defined–WSJ Magazine Game of Thrones, Season 2: Bigger, Better, Bolder–Huff Po Game of Thrones Refresher Course for Newbies–Vulture Mirror, Mirror: The Worst Movie of the Year?–Daily Beast Hey, The Flick Isn’t That Bad–Roger Ebert Are Social Media Sites Encouraging Anorexia?–Time South Park on the Danger … Continued


The Rise of Pop Lit and Illiterate Children

Alexander Nazaryan, editor of the excellent literary blog Page Views, puts down his thoughts on two seemingly related phenoms: The rise of popular literature, from Harry Potter to Twilight to The Hunger Games, and a new report about the literacy (or illiteracy) of children today: American high school students are reading at a fifth grade … Continued

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Mad Men Disappoints on Race Issue

I’m sure there will be plenty of time over the next eleven weeks of the Mad Men season for me to celebrate the things that make the show great–the meticulously constructed mise en scene, the psychological insight, Peggy Olson, the awesome fan creations, etc.–and to flesh out the things about the show that make me … Continued


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Down With Food Snobs, Up With Dunkin’ Donuts Bagels–Time Father-Son Bonding Becoming a Thing of the Past–Daily Mail With Pop Fiction, Are We Becoming a Nation of Illiterates?–NYDN Hilton Kramer and the Correction of Taste–Roger Kimball in WSJ The Conservative Case for “Modern Family”–Big Hollywood 50 Shades of Grey: How Will S&M Translate On Screen?–THR RIP: … Continued


Did Punk and Politics Ruin Bruce Springsteen?

Judging by some things I’ve written, you might think that I don’t like Bruce Springsteen. Actually, there was a moment in time when I loved Bruce Springsteen. It was his selling out after that moment that turned me off. Ironically, Springsteen, Mr. Authenticity, lost his musical way because he copied the style around him rather … Continued

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Mad Men Season 5: La Plus Ca Change . . .

. . . la plus c’est la meme. About a year and a half after the grim and dark season 4 of Mad Men ended with Don laying in bed next to his secretary-turned-fiancée Megan, the much-anticipated season five premiered on Sunday night, with the now-newlyweds again lying in bed, post-coital. Set seven months after … Continued


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Daily Beast Women’s Summit: 100% Self-Absorbed–Christina Hoff-Sommers Why Was Hunger Games Film So Different From Book?–E! The Hunger Games Is Irresistible–Peter Travers at RS The Hunger Games Has Less-Than-Full Plate–WSJ Is Lust a Crime? Lawyer of Disgraced DSK Says ‘No!’–Time Was Mad Men Season 5 Worth the Wait?–Huff Po The Vogue Kid Diet’s Biggest Threat–Daily Beast … Continued