Seek Your Purpose Before Your Paycheck

In a new national survey, 18-24-year-olds report that having a clear purpose in life is a big part of being a “real” adult. The problem is, most young people don’t feel like they’ve found that sense of purpose. If you’re graduating from college this month, congratulations. After you toss your cap in the air and … Continued


You Don’t Need a “Passion Project,” You Need a Purpose

Not long ago, I listened to a thirty-year-old man tell his much older and newly-retired parent, “You need to find your passion.” Really? “Maybe he just wants to enjoy the scenery a while, hang out with his grandkids, and read some books on the beach,” I thought. But evidently I’m in the minority these days. It … Continued


How Can You Find Your Calling?

What does work mean to people? This question drove oral historian Studs Terkel to record candid interviews with workers from all walks of life, the product of which was his most famous book, Working. Written before the dawn of the Information Age, the book is a portrait of a time when agricultural and manufacturing work … Continued


You Don’t Need “Me-ternity” Leave. You Need to Grow Up.

Recently, after a friend came back to the office from maternity leave, her coworkers asked her, “So, how was your time off?” Americans are known for being stingy with vacation time, especially compared to other countries in the Western world. We are workaholics, and often proud of that fact. For most people in the modern … Continued

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Sexual Harassment Training Isn’t Just a Waste of Time: It’s Harmful

The last time you had to sit through a training program or sign your office’s fine-print disclosure on sexual harassment policy, you probably thought you were just wasting your time. You were wrong: Research suggests that efforts to raise awareness and train employees about sexual harassment may be worse than a waste. They may actually … Continued


Is It Good that Government Workers Watch Porn All Day?

Apparently, government agencies have a big problem: rather than doing actual work, their employees watch porn all day. And lots of it. Federal investigations have uncovered this disturbing trend across a large number of government agencies, including the Treasury Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Commerce Department, the General Services Administration, and, ironically, … Continued


‘Downton Abbey’ and Purposeful Work

Downton Abbey attracted a massive following for many reasons—gripping plotlines, extraordinary character development, the window it opened into a fascinating place and time. The show explored themes that are just as poignant today as they were in the early 20th century, like the inevitable (but complicated) drumbeat of progress, the experience of alienation and belonging … Continued

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How Much Should Your Boss Know About You?

It should go without saying that it’s none of your boss’s business what medications you take, let alone any aspect of your sex life. Yet it appears we have already skidded way down a slippery slope into an era when just about nothing is private—and, worse, bosses actually have good reason to want to poke … Continued

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The Dream—Or Is It a Nightmare?—of No Work

Wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about money?  No need to get up and go to a job, instead you could just enjoy yourself and really live? This fantasy has plenty of appeal, and, no doubt, just about everyone entertains this line of thinking from time to time when the alarm goes … Continued