Twitter’s Political Double Standard

Even before the film was released, there was an extraordinary amount of vitriol in the geek universe about the casting and roles of the four women involved in the new Ghostbusters remake. Based on a cult classic that starred four male actors, the new version stars Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones … Continued


How Social Media Turns us into Know-Nothings

How many times a day does a friend (excuse me, a “friend”) on Facebook share something with you? Do you assume that because someone bothered to share something with you that it’s worth reading? Do you click on the link and dive into whatever interesting news story your “friend” thought you’d like? Or do you … Continued


Is the Future of Fashion a Dress that can Tweet?

In a recently-opened exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, designers of so-called technological style showcased the future of fashion, including “clothes that respond to the environment, dresses you can tweet, and garments that come off a 3-D printer ready to wear.”  Such innovations in #techstyle are “poised to have a profound impact on the … Continued

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Why Do We Love to Watch Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets?

One of the most popular features on Jimmy Kimmel Live is Celebrity Mean Tweets. During these segments, Jimmy invites a celebrity guest to read aloud the insults the celebrity has received on social media. Compilations of these performances on YouTube regularly garner millions of views, and the show has even curated groups of them, such … Continued


In Defense of Kanye West

Despite a heated primary season, the number one trending story on Twitter over the holiday weekend wasn’t about the frontrunners Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but instead some celebrity gossip. We can’t get enough of it. Most Americans don’t know who the Speaker of the House is, but we have the space in our brains … Continued



Every day, a new article about how terrible Millennials are pops up on my social media feeds. And every day, I roll my eyes and inwardly groan. Article after article claims to explain how college students are self-absorbed and overly sensitive, how recent college graduates can’t find jobs and are drowning in debt from student … Continued


Enough with the Hashtag Gratitude

Are you ready for it? Not the turkey. Not the Beaujolais. Not the wacky uncle. No, not any of these Thanksgiving traditions. Are you ready for the coming onslaught of hashtag gratitude flooding your newsfeed, your Instagram, your life? Maybe you’ve already noticed it, as the entire month of November has now become an extended … Continued

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Are Religious Kids Really Less Altruistic?

Jean Decety, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Chicago, doesn’t have a very active Twitter account, but he does tweet links to studies, articles, and think pieces on children and religion, which, given his academic focus, seems appropriate. On August 20th, for example, he tweeted an article about the “Influence of … Continued


The Unlikely Virtue in Celebrity Twitter Wars

Nicki Minaj surely understood that she was lobbing a social media grenade when she confronted MTV on Twitter, strongly condemning their decision to snub her record-breaking video, “Anaconda,” in the Video of the Year category. Her comments were brief (per the nature of Twitter) and damning. If I was a different “kind” of artist, Anaconda … Continued


Joss Whedon Should Not Have Shut Down His Twitter

Last weekend, Marvel released the new Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, generating $191 million in spite of a lackluster Saturday due to the “Fight of the Century.” By Monday morning, Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon received an overwhelming number of harsh critiques (including death threats) on Twitter for disappointing fans with his take on Black Widow … Continued

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