What “Black-ish” Gets Right About Trump Voters

Just a week before the inauguration, the country is still raw with post-election angst. While non-Trump-supporting Republicans have had since the summer to reach a point of acceptance, Hillary voters have had far less time. While losing a primary race is different than losing a general election, non-Trump-voting Republicans were forced to face the fact … Continued

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Five Life Lessons from ‘The Brady Bunch’

It only fits that Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch passed away on Thanksgiving. Described almost universally as the “upbeat” mom of the hit series, her death came on a holiday long-revered by Americans for its emphasis on family—although, post-election, this Thanksgiving didn’t have the most Brady Bunch feel to it. As my family made … Continued

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Why Portland is Getting Sick of “Portlandia”

Walk down Hawthorne Street in Portland, Oregon, and it’s as if you’ve stepped onto the set of the hit TV show Portlandia. You walk past punks smoking pot on the sidewalk, trendy bars and coffeehouses, and shops full of Central Asian prayer ornaments. The men have beards and the women have dyed hair. A Starbucks … Continued

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The Diversity Police and the ‘Black-ish’ Conundrum

The creator of the ABC comedy series Black-ish, Kenya Barris, is tired of us asking him questions about race and entertainment. Let that sink in for a minute. From Variety: ABC’s Black-ish has been praised for its portrayal of an African-American family. But series creator Kenya Barris worries that the focus on that family’s race has overshadowed … Continued

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Good Values, Great Entertainment: Garry Marshall, RIP

Garry Marshall passed away yesterday at the age of eighty-one. Over the course of fifty-six years in Hollywood, he was one of the most influential people in show business and—this is the real rarity—always a force for good. Marshall began his career in old Hollywood. He wrote jokes for Jack Paar and Joey Bishop while … Continued


The Unbreakable Moral Relativism of Modern Sitcoms

“Kimmy, we have a wonderful thing here in New York called moral relativism.” Those are the words of Lillian, an older woman (and landlord) who functions as a mentor to Kimmy Schmidt, the heroine of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, Kimmy is a young woman still struggling … Continued

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Why Ashton Kutcher Made a Sitcom for Flyover Country

There’s a great scene in the third episode of The Ranch, Netflix’s new three-camera sitcom starring Ashton Kutcher and veteran character actor Sam Elliott. Kutcher plays 34-year-old high-school football hero Colt Bennett, who never quite made it in pros and is forced to return home to Colorado to work on his family’s cattle ranch. Elliott … Continued

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