Tinder, Dating, and Emotional Castration

By the time I have kids who are teenagers, I expect I’ll have to have the talk. I’ll have to explain that when a couple has sex—a scenario they’ll probably need no mechanical details about, thanks to YouTube videos on smart phones swapped between second graders—it’s OK if they don’t merely enjoy themselves but actually … Continued


Megan Fox and the Dilemma of Divorce

I’m so confused. I thought actors Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox were getting divorced. But then I see that for her thirtieth birthday earlier this week, soon-to-be ex-husband Green showered Fox with gifts. According to an E! News source, “Brian spoiled Fox for her birthday with a few thoughtful presents. She is excited to … Continued


Lysistrata 2.0

The Internet and social media have been a boon for activists of all stripes. However obscure or wacky your cause, you can launch a Kickstarter or GoFundMe page to solicit support and money. You can even announce a campaign soliciting support from women who vow to refuse to have sex with any man who supports … Continued


Are We Finally Unhooking from Hook Up Culture?

Valentine’s Day is over—the chocolate is gone, the candles are burned out, and the flowers are wilting. So with all those romantic distractions out of the way, let’s talk about sex. Specifically, let’s talk about the last decade, and how Americans’ views on sex and relationships have changed over the course of the last ten … Continued


Now You Can Get an STD Check after Hooking Up with a Stranger!

Chlamydia and gonorrhea, meet your match—Tinder is taking you on. The infamous “dating” app recently added an STD testing center locator to help users find their way to local screening clinics. Tinder, you see, cares deeply about the sexual health and wellbeing of their nearly fifty million users. At least that’s what they want you … Continued


The 43-Year-Old Bionic Virgin

A New Year means new stories, and over the first weekend of 2016, a rather unusual one caught the world’s attention—the story of the man with the bionic penis. Having lost his own in a freak childhood accident, 43-year-old Mohammad Abad recently underwent specialized surgery and now, finally, has a fully functional, high-tech penis. His … Continued


Can My Boyfriend Share My Room at My Parents’ House?

This week for Thanksgiving and again next month for Christmas and Hanukkah, millions of Millennials will take to trains, planes, and automobiles to travel home for the holidays. Some of them will be bringing their boyfriend or girlfriend with them. But for some of these lovebirds, this will cause problems—bedroom problems. To share a room … Continued


Will Sex Strikes Solve Anything?

  “Make love, not war.” We’ve heard this phrase for decades now from peace-loving hippies who see sex, love, and hugs as the answer to humanity’s never-ending problem of bloodshed and violence. One Chicago woman is putting a slight spin on the saying and promoting a message of her own: “Don’t make love in order … Continued


The Patriarchy’s Spooning Weapon Exposed!

Men of the patriarchy: Do not be alarmed. It’s a setback. We’ve been exposed. But at this point panic is our foe as much as the article. I’m referring, of course, to “Down with Spooning!” The piece in Slate which has revealed how we’ve been maintaining our Heterosexist Privilege for decades—nay, millennia. They’ve discovered the … Continued


Why ‘The Exorcist’ Was Really about Sex

Recently a rumor that Hollywood was thinking of remaking the 1973 classic horror film The Exorcist was dispelled. However, in a recent piece in Washingtonian magazine, William Peter Blatty, the author of the 1971 novel on which the movie The Exorcist was based, revealed that he is in talks with Sony to create a four-hour … Continued

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