Seek Your Purpose Before Your Paycheck

In a new national survey, 18-24-year-olds report that having a clear purpose in life is a big part of being a “real” adult. The problem is, most young people don’t feel like they’ve found that sense of purpose. If you’re graduating from college this month, congratulations. After you toss your cap in the air and … Continued


You Don’t Need a “Passion Project,” You Need a Purpose

Not long ago, I listened to a thirty-year-old man tell his much older and newly-retired parent, “You need to find your passion.” Really? “Maybe he just wants to enjoy the scenery a while, hang out with his grandkids, and read some books on the beach,” I thought. But evidently I’m in the minority these days. It … Continued


‘Downton Abbey’ and Purposeful Work

Downton Abbey attracted a massive following for many reasons—gripping plotlines, extraordinary character development, the window it opened into a fascinating place and time. The show explored themes that are just as poignant today as they were in the early 20th century, like the inevitable (but complicated) drumbeat of progress, the experience of alienation and belonging … Continued

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Barefoot Contessa, Career Counselor?

Conventional wisdom on wise career decision-making is to start by setting some goals. We tend to imagine that the most successful people are extremely goal-directed, setting their sights on something and then doing everything in their power to achieve it. Why? Because “if you don’t know where you’re going,” says the book title by legendary … Continued

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Sadness, Purpose, and ‘The End of the Tour’

It is a miracle that some movies get made, but even more miraculous when a premise that sounds like a train wreck not only gets made, but ends up being an above average film. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you—The End of the Tour.   The End of the Tour is a re-creation of the … Continued

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Can Happiness and Despair Coexist?

Denmark is consistently rated the happiest country in the world.  Though the media have reported that this standing is based on certain economic and social factors, the United Nations Happiness Report is simply based on self-reporting of individuals’ subjective feeling of happiness. This is not nothing.  It’s good to feel happy.  But for a happy … Continued


Hugo and the Importance of Purpose in Kids

I’ve been meaning to watch the 2011 movie Hugo since it came out to great acclaim a couple of years ago for a while, and I just got around to doing so this past weekend. The story, based on a book, is absolutely charming. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It’s available to … Continued

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From Nirvana to Soundgarden to the Green Berets

Last week the New York Times profiled a man who might otherwise be remembered—if he were remembered at all—as the Pete Best of punk rock, having twice lost his shot at being a rock idol. But Jason Everman went on to give more meaning to his life than fame and fortune ever could. The troubled … Continued

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