Please Don’t Marry Yourself

The main reason that I did not care for the experience of screening Spike Jonze’s popular 2013 film Her had little to do with the technical or story-telling aspects of the well-crafted movie. What put a sour taste in my mouth was how depressingly realistic the film’s premise was. The notion that we are not … Continued


The Libertarian Case Against Valentine’s Day

Call me the Ebenezer Scrooge of Valentine’s Day, but I’m just not buying it, especially not this year. I’m fatigued of the constant obsession with love, sex, and the impulse to say “I do.” On the heels of the Grammys’ group wedding and Russia’s politicization of sexuality at the Olympics, another matter-of-the-heart news story is … Continued


The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Immortalizing Our Stars With Statues–The Daily Beast Will Pakistan’s Oscar Change the Fortunes of Its Women?–Time Some People Confuse Hollywood’s Fiction With Reality–National Review Is America Heading to a Post-Marriage Society?–Atlantic The Baby Boomers & the Rise of Gray Divorces–WSJ Romance? If Angelina Marries Brad, She’ll Wear Black–Jezebel Critics May Hate Lorax, But Audiences Love … Continued