Does Character Matter Anymore in Politics?

The 2016 presidential election seems headed toward a showdown between the two least-liked presidential candidates since American voters have been polled on the question—and with good reason. One is a vindictive, politically ruthless, unrepentant liar; the other is an egomaniacal, boorish, bullying braggart. Neither one even bothers to pay lip service to the values of … Continued


To the Chinese, Our Presidential Debates are a Bad Sitcom

Can Chinese citizens gain an appreciation for democracy by watching American presidential debates? That is one of the premises of a group that is translating and subtitling the Republican primary debates for Chinese consumption. The Guojiang Subtitle Group, which is made up of about six dozen volunteers across China, subtitles American debates and uploads them … Continued

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Why Political Dating Apps are a Terrible Idea

It goes without saying that 2016 will be a consequential year in American history. We might elect the first female president in our nation’s history ever to be indicted for mishandling state secrets. Or, we might finally be able to look our young billionaires and reality show stars in the eye and tell them: “See, … Continued

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Glitter Beards and the Death of Masculinity

  Ladies, lock your doors. Mothers, close your craft closets. Girls, guard your scrapbooks. Everyone, avoid Hobby Lobby and preschools—the men are coming, and they’re coming for your glitter. For some unknown reason, grown men all over America are stuffing their bearded faces into heaps of sparkly glitter, snapping selfies, and trying to convince themselves, … Continued

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This Thanksgiving, Pass the Gratitude and Hold the Politics

During a recent White House press briefing, Press Secretary Josh Earnest suggested that gun control would make a great topic of conversation for families gathered for dinner this Thanksgiving: “As people sitting around the Thanksgiving table talking about these issues, as they should and I’m sure they will all across the country, I hope that’s … Continued

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Why Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton are BFFs!

Katy Perry is ready for Hillary! Bedecked in an American flag cape, turban, and Hillary-for-president logo sewn on to her skintight dress, the singer took to the stage on October 24 at an Iowa rally to perform songs such as “Roar.” Later in the evening, she was a featured guest at a political dinner where … Continued

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How Achilles Can Help Us Understand Donald Trump

Surging presidential candidate Donald Trump is often described as having “tapped into” something that the angry American voter now desires. What he has tapped into is something deeper and far more atavistic than is commonly suspected: people want a heroic leader, one in an ancient mold. Donald Trump, in this view, is the last gasp … Continued

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Why the “War on Women” Rhetoric Never Ends

Just as nothing can replace the sounds of Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole at Christmastime, for Democrats, it just isn’t campaign season without the familiar chorus charging Republicans with threatening to destroy Social Security. The 2016 cover of this classic has a slight twist: Republican calls to reform Social Security aren’t just being cast … Continued

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