MTV’s Ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys

For a network that has always either been, or striven to be, on the cutting edge of pop culture, MTV revealed itself to be remarkably out-of-touch with the zeitgeist. Apparently the youth-oriented cable channel didn’t get the memo that there is a cultural backlash against political correctness in effect, and that half the country is … Continued


Geena Davis’ Bizarre Crusade for Gender Quotas on TV

I believe it was the late, great Audrey Hepburn who said, “Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.” After re-calibrating to factor in hyperbole, and given our cultural obsession with the movies, Ms. Hepburn’s remark isn’t too far off the mark. For better and for worse, the entertainment mediums of film and television have … Continued


Why the Left Declared Open Season on Trump’s Children

No clear-thinking conservative attacked Barack and Michelle Obama’s children over the last eight years. Sasha and (until recently) Malia Obama are just teens, and no matter how nasty politics gets, for the most part decent people (and the media) go out of their way not to make the children of politicians the story. Or at … Continued


Why My Daughter’s School Canceled Thanksgiving

Buckle in for another season of P.C. wars over the holidays. Although it’s not yet December, Starbucks already had its annual Christmas cup kerfuffle after releasing a green cup featuring a cluster of happy people with the express purpose, according to the coffee chain, of being “a symbol of unity, and to encourage us to … Continued


Is the PC Tide Turning on College Campuses?

Colleges are where you go to learn about the world and expand your experiences beyond those of your home town and its parochial groupthink. On a modern college campus, you will encounter people with different views, experiences, and values, and that’s part of what makes college a stepping-stone from childhood into the bigger world of … Continued


The Surprisingly PC World of Emoji

Sometime during the last decade, our rudimentary punctuation emoji have turned into actual cartoon images. Gone is the colon-dash-paren smiley, replaced with a big, cheery yellow “have a nice day” (or, depending on your bent, Watchmen) smiley face image. These tiny graphical representations of emotions and common objects have crept into our everyday communication through … Continued


Trump’s “Honey” Trap

Is it ever appropriate to call a woman who is not your spouse, family member, or close friend, “honey”? Donald Trump thinks it is. It all started when CNN’s Dana Bash asked Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway if she ever expressed her displeasure with something the candidate had said. Conway revealed that she recently told … Continued


CoverBoy: James Charles Dickinson is Not a Girl

James Charles Dickinson is not a girl. The seventeen-year-old high school student and makeup expert from Bethlehem, N.Y., has just been named a model for cosmetics giant CoverGirl. Dickinson (who also goes by James Charles) has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram and more than 80,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. After premiering in CoverGirl’s “So … Continued


Another Yale Fail

In what can only be characterized as a new low in the university building re-naming mania, Yale University, an alma mater of which I am increasingly embarrassed, has recently seen fit to establish a “Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming.” Needless to say, the committee, composed of faculty, alumni and students, has, as a matter … Continued